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04-09-2010, 08:46 PM
Well, I've only played a few rounds. It's not bad... I'll try to be fair, given how little time I've spent.

the good:
- the maps seem very well made, they are not tiny and look really nice. Lots of places to have to learn. Significantly less open spaces than I've been experiencing in BBC2.

- the game's optimized settings with just a bump up in resolution look fine on my machine, and overall without tweaks the whole thing runs more smoothly than BBC2 out of the box. Too much smoke and fog and snow and other particle junk in BBC2.

- i do like the COD unlock system.

the bad:
- the gameplay was identical to what i experienced on COD4MW1 which I own but rarely, if ever, even run. Max level people running around at 500 mph, basically just annihilating everyone. I know that on the one hand I'm not very good (read: really bad) but on the other hand having several guys just run around basically making the rounds on spawn points and knifing everyone is kind of annoying. My sense of being killed on either of the MW games is "I was just killed by a snickering 10 year old WoW rogue..." It's a dirty feeling. I don't know how to make this less subjective, so I won't even try. I imagine with experience it can get significantly better, but as has been said before, competing against folks who've been playing this (And probably MW1) since release is a hard learning curve.

- the random server finder. ugh.

- on multiple servers, people were talking about their hacks and what they were going to use in the next round. Everybody who predicted this for the weekend was absolutely correct. This turns me off more than the fact that I am bad and get owned constantly. I can live with being a terrible noob and easy pickings, but the hacking is insane and blatantly obvious.

- so much walling. I am not sure if it was all hacks or just people shooting through the wall, but the kill cam showed some shooting of some REALLY unlikely positions.


So to be honest, I think it is a well-made game, just not for me. The whole server issue is well-known and I agree with the majority who would have preferred private servers. I'd love to see what a server with good admins run by a mature gaming group would be like, but I guess we'll not see that in this iteration. I will continue to play a bit through Sunday but I wouldn't pay $51usd for this now. To each his own, I'm actually glad I don't come away with buyer's remorse from BBC2 which has a different rhythm to the play which I find a lot less... hrm ... well... like Quake3:Arena. Q3a was/is a good game in and of itself, but Modern Warfare should feel more like actual Warfare even in a TDM server. Probably pre-formed teams with voice comms would make a huge difference in that.

04-09-2010, 09:13 PM
My first impressions of this game:

I joined a random game, hosted by someone named "i pwn negros".
I got killed 4 or 5 times in a row by a plane or helecopter or something I couldn't even see.
The host left and the action paused for 15 seconds while it found another host.

04-10-2010, 03:47 AM
Same experience here:
1. Uuuhh.. nice graphics.. nice maps
2. Bang. Dead. wtf?
3. DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAAAAAAAD. And I'm a hardcore tf2, cs, etc player. For nothing. All the idiots in this game have cheats. The game is made for kids. BC2 is much better because of team play. Kids with high ego hate teamplay therefore they stick to this crap game therefore we have more mature players there. Yey.

04-10-2010, 03:48 AM
I'm having lots of fun, but this game's community makes Counter Strike's look like Mensa.

04-10-2010, 04:02 AM
played my first game...

played my last game. After dominating that first round it occurred to me that all the good players are not playing this game. I'll stick to BC2 and Cod4