View Full Version : ME:2 Any reason to play the infiltrator

04-10-2010, 10:30 AM
After playing around with Soldier for a while I've started to wonder if there's anything that the Infiltrator does that he can't do just as well, perhaps better.

One of the Infiltrator's biggest damage boosts is from Assassination Cloak is out shined by Adrenaline Rush's 100% damage boost that also provides time dilation effects for lining up a shot. This increases to 140% when the Soldier.

Cloak's mobility advantage seems of very little use to me, as it seem that most of the time I'd need to move I can use allies to cover my escape, or there's no real advantage to trading one piece of cover for another.

AI Hacking is too situational to be of much use.

Incinerate is vastly useful, and its crowd controlling ability might be the only edge I can think of for the Infiltrator off the top of my head. Whether or not it outweighs having an assault rifle as a backup weapon isn't clear though.

04-10-2010, 11:05 AM
Infiltrator's Operative->Assassin/Agent skill also provides Time Dilation when sniping, and unlike Adrenaline Rush, it doesn't have a cooldown timer. More to the point, when you're cloaked, enemies have a funny habit of not shooting you. Even with the 50% health damage reduction from Hardened Adrenaline Rush, Soldiers can potentially spend a lot of time hiding and waiting for their shields to regenerate.

If you're that attached to Assault Rifles (they're okay, I guess, but you don't really need them with any class), you can take them as your Advanced Weapon Training option (although I'd never recommend it, since it means passing up on the Widow).

At the end of the day, it's a question of "Do I snipe, or do I run 'n gun?"
Or do I pick Vanguard and have some real fun?

04-11-2010, 06:35 PM
Widow owns hands down, also with the addition of the new Locust SMG, assault rifles are just not a necessity. with the accuracy issues of the tempest at long range it made assault rifles desirable but missing out on the Widow was just too big a price to pay.

Before the Locust i tended to use my sniper rifle until low on ammo (usually kept 1 shot chambered so i didnt have to switch to it and reload if i picked up a bunch of heatsinks) Once low on ammo i switched to my Carnifex which is supprisingly good if you cloak and line up a headshot.
Once the carni was out of ammo only then would i switch to my tempest.

Also Infiltrator is capable of the highest single shot damage output in the game if specced and geared correctly.

My build is Assasin, assasins cloak, Widow, Heavy Armor Piercing Ammo as bonus skill (tungsten thingymabob not the group AP ammo)

once fully upgraded you have :-

Base damage of Widow
+50% for 5/5 sniper rifle improvements
+10% headshot damage from Visor
+50% headshot damage from Combat Scanner research
+5% damage from Stabalization Gauntlets
+75% bonus damage from Assasination Cloak
+70% bonus damage to health and armor from Tungsten ammo

so on a headshot with the widow while cloaked and assuming no shields or barrier you are doing 260% more damage.

A soldier can only spike that by 100% with Adrenaline rush assuming he even bothered to take the widow over the revenant.

so um yeah, infiltrator = win in my book, Vanguard coming as a close second in terms of classes i prefer to play.

04-18-2010, 10:48 AM
Yha the Time dilation is insanely useful. On normal, once I get the Widow Anti Material Rifle I can walk out in the open sniping enemies as they pop out of cover to shoot me.

Also incinerate is extremely useful, decent damage and it recharges fast so you can spam it to kill peoples armor.