View Full Version : Clear sky game breaking glitch?

Generic Turtle
04-11-2010, 05:31 AM
I just started playing clear sky witht the complete mod. I'm on the mission where you need to capture the rogues main base. There was a glitch where no one would come with me, so I had to kil 15 people by myself

Now it says hold off enemys until support arrives, but no ones coming WTF do i do?

04-11-2010, 07:01 AM
Probably the most asked question about Clear Sky...

They'll come, eventually. On the map you can see them on their way - they're the little green dots. The problem is, they can get hung up along the way, get in battles, be unwilling to pass a certain point, and even die.
You can try saving the game there, closing it out and reloading it. That's worked for me a few times to at least get them started on the way.
Eventually they'll get there. If you don't have any other enemies around, you don't really need to just wait there. If they get there and the base still hasn't been overrun by enemies, you'll still get the reward.
You could also try going to another map and coming back to see if that gets the AI in motion.

That's with vanilla CS, though, and I don't know if Clear Sky Complete changed anything that might be causing it, or if it broke anything. I have CS Complete 1.1 installed but I haven't been playing it since I'm waiting for a patch that will fix a graphics problem I have with it, so I can't really help there other than to suggest what I would try in regular CS.