View Full Version : Impressions and Issues

04-11-2010, 01:57 PM
Well, its alot better then i was expecting it to be.. i guess i was basing it on the lousy looking PS2 games, but MW2 is a pretty good game.

However, i had a little problem yesterday..

I Was playing a TDM game, and i got like 3 or 4 kills at the same time and i leveled because of it and i saw Commander come up when i leveled, well come to find out i leveled from 16 or 17 ALLLLL the way to level 70. Im guessing it was a modded server or some such because after i did that it put me and 2 other people as spectators, took me a little while to figure that out though.

So with that said thats one little glitch or server mod ive come across so far.. Now granted, i LOVE having all the weapons and stuff, but it was a little disappointing having that happen. Luckily you can reset your char and everything, but i doubt ill do that until the free trial is up or something..

Well all in all, MW2 is better then i expected it to be.

Anyone else have this bug at some point?