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04-18-2010, 01:28 PM
I recorded A 25 minute rant. Watch it if you want


04-20-2010, 11:40 PM
It was a good rant, you basically covered all the reasons why Oblivion is such utter garbage compared to Morrowind. Oblivion's only redeeming quality is it's mods, and it still gets boring even modded to the hilt. Morrowind doesn't actually require ANY mods at all to be deep, engaging and satisfying. In Morrowind you feel like you're in an actual world, complete with it's own very deep lore, and varying customs, rivalries, architecture and so on. Oblivion feels like you're in an arcade game in comparison.

As someone who had spent a ton of time playing Morrowind, I honestly felt like Oblivion was an insult to my intelligence when it was first released. I don't want/need some magic compass to hold my hand, thanks. Yeah, your rant makes me want to launch into my own rant.

05-18-2010, 06:59 PM
I've only played Morrowind and Oblivion, playing the former first.
I'd agree, Morrowind is a better game. I recently started playing Oblivion a while ago, finished the main quest for the first time.. I basically cast and invisibility spell the whole game since I was pretty bored with it, while using a summon spell. The oblivion gates were also incredibly boring too. As you said too, the voice acting was mediocre. The main quest was short and fairly disappointing too.

I've never played the full main quest in Morrowind, infact I get to Caius Cosades and then do my own thing, so I can't say much for the main story, but the world itself was much better, it was more of a wilderness than a large space of grass like Oblivion. And sure, I hate getting attacked by Cliff Racers, but it was good to take cover in a nearby dungeon and explore it.

Oblivion wins on graphics of course, and in my opinion, combat too. The only skills related thing I could say is that the change from light/med/heavy armour to light/heavy was good as well as blades - which you disagree with me about, but blunt is still there too I guess.

I hope Skyrim **IF* the rumours of it are true* makes a much better world where you need to travel rather than fast travel and have the opportunity to explore and have a better main story line. I suppose I hope it just merges Oblivion and Morrowind I guess, taking the best from each game.

05-20-2010, 10:58 AM
One of the key things that I felt was striped away from Oblivion, was the spells. In morrowind, their was literally a spell for everything. The one spell that was most useful to me in Morrowind, was the levitation spell. You could just float above your enemy, and fire bolts, arrows, or fireballs at em.

Also, Morrowind boasted a very unique and useful alchemy system. I felt that Oblivion just sort of mashed up all the alchemy to quickly, and made it to basic. I liked how you had to level your alchemy skill to see the different effects that a given plant would give you.

The combat is the one area that Oblivion improved upon, although not by much. It went from being somewhat strategic and skill based, to an ordinary hack and slash style. Basically Oblivion was a spam fest, just click until the enemy is dead. Not much fun after the first few dozen monsters.

I really would like to see the combat from Fallout III carry over to the next Elder Scrolls game. Having dismemberment would add some depth to the combat, and really make things a little more fun. The rag doll system in oblivion worked, but felt far to rubbery.

Another thing that Oblivion did wrong, was having the entire game take place in a meadow. In Morrowind, every area felt distinct, and different from the last. I especially liked the giant mushrooms that riddled the landscape in Morrowind, they really helped bring the game to life.

All in all, the two games are both good. If you have never played either of them, then they really are on an even scale. But after the first hundred, or two hundred hours, Morrowind stays strong, where Oblivion tends to fall apart. After you reach level 30 in Oblivion, their is really no incentive to go explore the world, as one area is identical to the next. But Morrowind continues to amaze me with the amount of detail that was put into it. Even now, after years of playing it, I still will find new things that I never noticed.

05-23-2010, 05:55 PM
Great rant vid. Very well done.
I don't pay any attention to those; Morrowind great, Oblivion sucks, or vice versa rants. Actually, I wouldn't even call your's a rant. It is a very good and thoughtful comparison vid.

I fully agree with you on the differences.
My play time in Ob totals 750 hours with many many mods.
Play time in Mw well over 1,000, maybe even 2,000, one mod (quest mod to get a dragon egg and raise a dragon from egg to adulthood).
I also covered the entire map in Mw (you know how it colors in when you have been in the area). That includes all islands around the main map, plus both expansions and dlc. I rarely ever used any travel system in Mw except the Slit Striders once in a while.
I still have the Mw paper map in a frame in my living room.
IMO, it was one of the best the games I have ever played.

Ob is good and as you can see I enjoyed it too, but nowhere as much. Nor was it as rewarding. I never fast traveled in it, so that is one reason my hours are so high in it. Plus I have tons of added quest mods to keep it going.

I hope TES V will lean towards Mw's type gameplay rather than Ob's.

05-30-2010, 06:51 PM
Just found this,
Looks like morrowind on the oblivion engine. Not finished but the work looks promising.

06-05-2010, 05:00 PM
Thanks for the rant, MrSmit.

It reminds me the hot discussions about Morrowind vs Oblivion on the Elder Scrolls forums, when Oblivion was release (2004). I participated them.

Like you, while if I was amazed by Oblivion impressive graphics, I was disappointed by the overall game. My main complaint was definitively level scaling that as so poorly implemented in Oblivion that is ruined the game for me. I did not finish it.

I think that Oblivion is to Morrowind what is Vista to XP.

Considering Fallout 3 quality, it seems that the Elders Scrolls have learned the lesson.

06-10-2010, 10:33 AM
I think that Oblivion is to Morrowind what is Vista to XP.

lol I never thought of that,but that's an awesome comparison, and I guess service packs were the mods :D