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04-19-2010, 04:35 AM
I bought the game yesterday, played it for few hours and I wanted to say I really like and enjoy it. The dev said the communitly could make suggestions, so here are mine:

1. Restart button when you press esc in the middle of a song.

2. Make our ship more coloured or find some other way to make it easier to find. It doesn't really look different from the enemy ships.

3. Give some basic shield to the spaceship, I mean it explodes even if I hit a very small asteroid part I can't even see because of the action.

4. When the ship respawns, find a way for the player to notice it's exact positon, or add invurnelability for a few seconds. I instantly died a few times after respawn just because I couldn't find the ship.

5. Additional plus life powerups would be essential.

6. A way to increase/decrease the flashing and windowed mode.

7. Some basic way to modify your ship, to make it more personal. For examle: the player could randomly (or when reaching a certain level) find new colours, different skins, extra shields or weapons for the ship. Therefor there should be an "Edit my spaceship" menu in the main screen.

8. Option to play the game in white colour, like in Audiosurf.

9. Make the game moddable, so players could add their own skins, gameplay types etc...

04-19-2010, 04:43 AM
4. ship is already invulnerable, its just hard to spot because it flashes. u have 3 seconds of immortality.