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04-27-2010, 07:25 AM
Ok guys I have numerous issues, I assume their may be an underlying issue here so I decided to post a new thread about it:

First FPS:
FPS is around 20-30
Running at 1440 by 900 res
model/texture details = low
shadows/effects = med
AA/Aniso = x1
HBAO = off
Stuttering on conquest maps is expected with 20+ players, I assume this may be a cpu bound issue?

windows 7 64bit
10.4a cat drivers
ATI 5850 OC'd via cat overdrive
Q6600 dynamic OC'd to 3.2 running at 45 degrees
500W PSU
SATA drives, defragged

Most background tasks killed that would cause an issue, anitivirus disabled etc. Windows is fully up to date.

I have a be broadband router using BE as my ISP.

Second Lag Issue:
Ping is always above 100+ normally between 100-250.
This is connecting to UK servers, I can download at 1mbytes/s
upload is 100kb/s
Ping in other games is normally fine like CSS, BF2, TF2 etc.
This causes me to rubberband/stutter about. Also Hit detection issues I think is related to this since I see blood effects with a confirmed hit but no actual hit reg icon confirm on crosshair.

These above are my main problems

Third, brightness when scoped:
Very bright maps when scoped with sniper, this washes out the view sometimes like on panama canel even though I can see the enemy clearly when I am not scoped in. Turning on HBAO has no real effect on this. My brightness settings etc are on default.

Other possibly relevent info
Did suffer from the random disconnect issue but this has managed to fix itself I think.

I have checked these forums and tried a few fixes, havent actually changed anything.

Downloaded BF BC via steam, updated to latest version, normally have all relevent steam windows closed, do have the steam GUI running as default with the new beta GUI.

04-27-2010, 08:08 AM
Just wanted to mention that the ping count is different for TF2 and BFBC2. The 150 in BFBC2 feels like 75 in TF2 as far as when i play is concerned. Sometime I get spikes but my university internet is really cruddy.

As for the fps problems. I've had weird instances where some games just didn't like my overclocking even when other people could do it. So if your computer is as you say, try normal clocks and see if that gives you anything.


Some dude got weird results.

04-27-2010, 08:19 AM
Those 10.4's gave me terrible FPS and stutter, I went back to the offical 10.3's but now I have long load times again... oh well better than the 15FPS and stutter I was getting.

04-27-2010, 08:30 AM
I will try 10.3 drivers since loading is still taking 30- 60 seconds.
I will update if normal clocks/above works.

Anyone know the sniper washout thing is normal? its as if the brightness increases and I dont believe its to do with the angle of the sun or whatever.

Gr8 Mark, according to your link, I am running at the worse resolution possible 1440 by 900 :|

Has this been confirmed by any other sites etc?