View Full Version : Krolm's Anvil - Majesty 1 NE

04-27-2010, 03:35 PM
I have played this level at least 10 times now and I still cannot beat it. The strategy I have used so far is to for temple of dauros and then a paladin and wizards guild. After that I destroy a couple burial sites. I keep trying to build multiple rangers guilds because the hardest part of this map is just exploring it.

After the third or fourth burial site a bunch of minotaurs attack when that happens its a toss up of how well my heroes fight them off but no matter what my momentum is gone and I just cannot get to the last burial sites, I have only ever explored 3/4 of the map before time runs out.

I need some new ideas this level is driving me nuts and the gamefaqs guide is no help.