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05-06-2010, 05:54 AM
Rather than replying to everyone individually I have decided to create a thread...

Since release on Steam a few bugs have been reported which we have been working on (most of them have been fixed) and will hopefully get a patch out for the early part of next week maybe even tomorrow, it will depend on Steam.

These are the bugs which have been reported:

1) Right then left click REALLY quickly, almost at the same time, causes the buggy to dig and move over the tile at the same time. (FIXED)

2) Digging the final mole on time attack as the timer reaches 0, within the last few split seconds, means you fail but 10 seconds get added onto the clock resulting in you hanging around until the timer reaches 0 before you fail. (FIXED)

3) Shuffling an area which contains a repair kit means a mole could end up under a repair kit. (FIXED) Now a mole will never move under a repair kit.

4) Sometimes there is a rouge mole which you cannot find. I believe this was linked to problem 3, not only could a mole end up on a repair kit but 2 moles could occupy the same spot, meaning you could dig one but not the other one. (FIXED)

5) Gold Rush achievement not achievable. If for some reason the game has a problem connecting to Steam as you collect the final Golden Mole then currently you won't get awarded the achievement. (FIXED) Now every time you go onto the level select screen it will check if all the Golden Moles have been collected.

There is one more which allows you to get achievements quicker but I won't tell you that one only that its going to be fixed ;)

Please report any more bugs which I have missed, if you can get them to me either today or tomorrow we can hopefully include them in the next update. We hope to roll these fixes out to you tomorrow or Monday. They just need some testing and it depends on how quickly Steam can get them up.

Thank you so much for your feedback on these problems and your patients. We're doing our best to fix them as quickly as possible.

05-06-2010, 06:05 AM
Aah, great. You turned so quiet all of a sudden (you were probably working ;-)).
3) You thought you were safe, and then BANG =)
4) Great, it was annoying to find 99 moles and search everywhere for that last mole that wasn't to be found. I had the bug in the first expert level of time trial...
5) Achievement checking is always great, since, otherwise, you'll have a problem if Steam or your net goes down. It really should be a standard things with achievement games.

Thanks for the PM =)

05-07-2010, 12:19 AM
Um, these aren't really bugs, more annoyances, but I would like you to consider taking action on them:

1) When the game is starting up, if you press "Esc", the game closes, It would be much easier just to return to the main menu

2) If you decide to play with the grid on, the game does not remember this setting if you change levels or restart, Would it be possible for the game to remember your preference, or have a tickbox in options (Grid ON/OFF by default)?

Other than those two things, great game :D

Thanks for your time.


05-10-2010, 05:10 AM
The updates I mentioned have been fixed and sent off.

As for the requests I have made it so that the grid stays on if you turn it on but unfortunately another portal requires the escape button to quit the game so I couldn't do that one, sorry :(.

I also amended the German text database where a spelling mistake was identified by another thread.


05-10-2010, 07:22 AM
Cool, thanks for such a prompt response :D

Even if it is not possible to disable the Esc key, would it be possible to allow players to skip the opening logo screens and jump straight to the main menu?