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05-07-2010, 03:15 PM
I am trying to get into this game, but I never played any of the previous series.
This game could have had a better beginning tutorial. Specificaly the next misson where it takes me to the planet view of Mars.
It tells me what has to be done. But, gives no clear details on what exactly needs to be done and how? Im totaly lost in the GUI. I like the tutorial tips, but I hate how I dont know where I should be going, and every menu I select I end up getting tips for things Im not interested in at that moment. It looks not that complicated, but they need to start me off with something, to get used to it, sheesh. Its like I have to write all the directions down, to remember what to do...

This coming from someone who has no problems figuring out Real Time Strategy. TBS should be easier right?

07-04-2010, 04:42 PM
Not necessarily...RTS are usually really dumbed down.
The beginning has a small learning curve hump that you have to work through.

Make sure your researching and producing something, than go back to the global view and move your mouse around (looking for awkardly placed symbols) for missions. Maybe nothing up yet, and you need to start time flowing.

10-20-2010, 11:27 AM
i totally agree with the OP. loaded this game up twice and each time quit in frustration/ boredom.

shame is it looks engaging once you figure it out. but there are dozens of other great games i play with no such issues..

11-07-2010, 07:14 PM
If you are lost at any point, look in library. Read through the conversation log. The latest conversation will revolve around next major goal. (If you have completed that particular goal, a new conversation will happen).

Unfortunately this game don't have a task/quest log. It is suppose to be a open world game, letting player figure out on their own the micro-objectives. At same time there can be multiple objectives, got to prioritize then.

Some event takes some time to happen after you completed the objective. If you are absolutely sure you have achieve the objective yet no update conversation, save the game, idle for few days to check the result, then load last save point.

Lastly, look for a walkthrough if you are absolutely lost......Or post in this forum. You can bravely experiment a bit on easier difficulty.

Turn-Base-Strategy is acutally more complex than RTS. In TBS you can take all the time to decide your move, so many more factors can come in play. RTS, details are sacrificed a little to allow fast decision making.

Complex tactics can happen in TBS, create diversion by explosion, your sniper creeps in and snipe the beastman commander, armour droid rush in to draw fire, assault unit runs in blasting shotgun point blank, scientist standby with med kit...

Both RTS and TBS are great in their own ways. Seeing people going 300cps in Star Craft still amaze me.

12-19-2010, 04:49 PM
First assign people.
Click the people tab and select each pure scientist/technician (Pure = they have no white level number in the lower left of their picture), and see if you can teach them skills.
The pure scientists should not learn medicine since it has most benefit in combat. Try and limit 4 ppl per skill, so one team of four could for example learn earth/planet skill, while the rest learn medicine/alien skills, that will save you a LOT of time and skill points.

Next click research and start on firearms, you will need rifles as fast as you can pump them.

Click production and start producing 10 batteries, 10 mines, 2 suit repair tools and 20 suit repair cartridges.

Click base and assign people to the lab and workstation, then make sure you move any spare scientists from the scientist bay to the residential sector.

now put the 2 odd scientists (they are scientist AND technician) in each of the 2 land vehicles (place one in the scientist bay, and one in the far right technician bay).

Click globe, then click the map just above your base and build a fuel mine.
Then click the map below your base and build a geosonde there, this is where you get your metal for the early rifles, when the geosonde is done you will make contact with some friendly reticulans, they will add 2 aliens to your team, ignore them completely unless you need the extra scientist for your lab.

Now check the remaining personel and teach them skills, dont train anything but weaponsmith (soon) and the suit one for now. And teach your 4 combat scientists medicine.

Now you are ready to advance time on the globe, as soon as firearms has been researched, cue up 400 bullets in production, and as soon as the geosonde completes build geosondes on the maps to the right and left of the map we just built on, then continue building geosondes up on the left and around on top going right, attacking any map that has enemies to clear them for the geosonde. Remember to build mines on each map that has a new geosonde.

As soon as you have constructed the metal mine south cue up 6 rifles.

You will be attacked right next to your base (not the fuel line attack), wait 2 days to respond to give yourself time to get a few rifles, then make a group of 4 humans with rifles/alien rifles + the 2 aliens, give the aliens a pistol each.
Then attack and clear the first half of the map of tiny robots, then attack the big robot till it falls down, when it falls send the 2 aliens to stand next to it, keep shooting it lightly to keep it down DONT kill it yet.
When the aliens are in position pull the 4 humans back to the ship, and start killing the big robot with your aliens.
As soon as the robot dies beastmen spawns all over the center, so make sure your humans are AT the ship by this time.
Let the aliens die and end the mission.
You now get 3 new human characters.

The next time this map is showing an attack, wait 2 days again and go in with a full 5 man rifle squad.

Thats a good start, research survival techniques and build a training center in your base (click base, then click the floor in any dome to open the build menu, then build the advanced strucure anywhere but in the lab/workstation dome.

Read the research options carefully and experiment, dont use skill points unless you know why you want to learn the skill.

Train minor stability/suit/endurance and major suit in the training center on any characters who can learn them.
Raise their level in willpower then strength for maximum HP and great psionic defense.

Dont advance beyond level 12 in any skill (combat/scientist/technician), as soon as you hit level 13 in ANY skill, the game will start sending bigger baddies your way, grenades will start flying, and unless your charisma is high your mind will be under constant attack against reticulans.
When the 2 odd scientists reach level 12, send them back to base and switch bays, then send them out again till they reach level 12.

You can upgrade structures in your base if the conditions are right, antenna/watertank/fuel tank and so on. You need to upgrade the antenna to get advanced research earlier when you get the option soon.

Enjoy :)

12-22-2010, 03:26 PM
I love the complexity of this game. I put it in my wishlist a while back when I was in the X-Com forum and someone there recommended it. It reminds me a bit of X-Com in that there is no hand holding. Here is your base, there are your people, get to work.

I played this game for the first time today and failed horribly when I went out on a mission. Ran out of ammo and got pwned by a mech at the excavation site. Make sure you save often, and if it is similar to X-Com, use multiple slots. I don't feel like I'm making very efficient use of my time yet. I waited too long before researching firearms, and I haven't claimed enough territory. How many people do you guys recommend having in school? And do they gain levels in school, or is it just for learning skills?

12-22-2010, 03:47 PM
School is just for learning skills, and definitely train as often as you can without compromising crucial production or research, early on its best to have the lab and the workbench going full throttle, so just train whoever is not on the job :)

(edit) Oh also when you equip your guys on the equipment screen, just right click stuff once to add it to your character.