View Full Version : The real punishment from Bosses

05-12-2010, 12:56 AM
"Sam is the hero, and therefor:

Bosses are meant to be killed only by Sam, and not by his friends.

That said, any friend that happens to be with Sam when facing off these monsters, once killed, they will be sent to the beginning of the level as punishment from trying to help Sam."

So yeah, this is an annoying bug, wich also seems to be totally random (doesn't happen all the time nor on every boss), it only happens to the client too, and if that wasn't enough, it only happens when facing off bosses.

I've also noticed tthat sometimes he host being teleported, if the client for exemple triggers a small checkpoint mid-level (one of those places that leaves a small portal for the lazy folks who stay behind).

Evan the 2nd one is just annoying, the first one is a bit game breaking.

Hope this gets noted (if it isn't already), and fixed as soon as possible.