View Full Version : screen tearing?

05-21-2010, 03:20 PM
So this game is really really good. i am now kind of addicted to it. Good job Nimbly!

so i got something to ask here. when in game, i got this screen tearing problem, (the problem you might encounter when you turn vsync off in other games). I play it on Windows 7 64 bit, could that be the reason? my Graphic card is radeon hd 4850. I noticed i got this problem as well playing penumbra last week (so... could it be a opengl-related problem?)

any of you got the same problem and already found out how to avoid screen tearing ?

P.S : when i play it on my laptop (win 7 32 bit) this particular problem doesn't exist

05-21-2010, 03:24 PM
Thanks! This issue is probably related to a driver/configuration issue with OpenGL. If you don't already have them you'll probably want to download and install the latest drivers directly from ati.com. If that doesn't resolve the issue you may need to tweak your video card settings. I know some non-standard settings (override application to force triple buffering, etc) can sometimes disrupt vsync on OpenGL. If that doesn't work you may want to try windowed mode (F3 to toggle).