View Full Version : Kingmaker final level help please (spoiler)

05-29-2010, 05:44 AM
I've played it through several times, for an hour or so each time before I get whacked by either the giant goblin or unending hoards of building trashing goblins with the giant 'forks' weapon. I've tried the following strategies:

A complaint first: I've found no way to handle any level without building a dwarf den and dwarf towers. It's just assumed that the first few thousand are spent upgrading castle and armory and building dwarves since they fight the best and their towers last a little longer. Too bad there isn't some other method, but the regular fighters just SUCK, they refuse to fight, or they go into a crowd and die, I'm talking up to 14 level or so. At least the Dwarves last a while and don't refuse to fight as much.

1) tower like crazy, start slow and defensive (including early dwarves) - fails because by the time anyone gets up levels, vampires and goblin super-clerics whittle them down while the other goblins destroy all the towers with very little trouble, and a little help from ogres

2) blitz - kill off a dragon cave, a couple ogre dens, and all the animal/undead dens nearby asap, build the mage tower asap - fails because right as this progresses nicely here come 4 vampires and 12 goblins with building-smashers, kill off nearly everyone and most buildings, then left with no cash

3) Go for money, build up trading posts, recruit beastmaster, update store/armory and research - fails because not enough people high enough level to help stop the attacks

4) old-school, build hall of lords right away and recruit some - fails, run out of money and 3 lords and various low-level heroes cant' handle a rush because the lords refuse to work unless paid too much, and the new help just die rapidly from Vampires and super-goblins

5) mix of all - I've had the best success with this, lasting over an hour and getting everything cleared except not recruting beastman, nor visiting vampires. But then a dragon comes at the same time as 2 or 3 super goblin clerics and a bunch of building smashers and 4 vampires and my heroes are all over the place getting killed one by one until there is no money and no towers and 5 or 6 heroes alive and the other wave starts before the current wave is handled

So anyone have some help? I'd at least like to get to a point where I could build a temple, and have some way of holding off the multi-prong attacks that wade through any towers I have. I feel like there is one little trick I'm missing that would make this easier - maybe go ahead and make mages early even though they just get killed over and over?

05-30-2010, 07:45 PM
this has a spoiler or two, don't read if you don't want to know

1) build 3 dwarf towers and 3 dwarves early, along with theives and rangers

2) destroy animal dens and build 3 clerics. put little towers where needed near graveyard and ratholes

3) destroy dens near tradeposts, and start building tradeposts everywhere there is a spot. Even if you keep losing them, as long as a couple trips make it from the post it's a big profit, just rebuild.

**important - build an upgraded tavern just north of town, covered by at least 1 dwarf tower. Your troops will go here a lot and saves a bunch of time during battles - try to keep goblin battles north of the tavern, just south of the mage guild

4) destroy ogre dens and get all upgrades for all current units
(both arrows for rangers, both cleric, all dwarf and thief)

5) Do the dragon quest

6) make a mage guild and a couple mage towers, no mages though

7) do the vampire quest - which should let you resurrect all and upgrade armor due to massive $$$

Then make the mages - you'll be resurrecting them a lot for a while unless you have better tactics than I do, but once they get all their spells and about 10th level they start really helping against goblins.

Take care of every undead, animal, dragon and vampire den, then keep trading posts alive. Individually target goblins as soon as they come into view before they bunch up.

Then build heroes from previous missions - the best you can afford, wait if you have to.

06-15-2010, 01:58 AM
This is how you beat it. Party up. Each party should have one healer. This will save you from a lot of hero deaths.

Get two dwarf towers on the east side.
One warrior building on the north and dwarf towers next to it.

Once their rush is over attack the dragon hideout at the west side.

The first rush attack is the hardest. As long as most of your heros are alive it should be easy after that.