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06-02-2010, 01:59 PM
so basically since I had decided to download UT3 off of Steam, I'm left with the inability to access certain packages that hold meshes such as skydomes.

This is not only extremely disappointing, but also an annoyance to anybody trying to MOD or create a level. I have attempted to search for these packages, which are usually located in Binary/CookedPC/Environments, with no luck.

Being that I have Windows 7, I searched in Programs(86x)/Steam/steamapps and discovered that these packages are possibly located in the NCF files presented.

This is extremely frustrating, not only can't I gain access to these packages under normal conditions, but now I have to search for them excessively only to discover they're encrypted in some strange format I've never heard of.

After googling for countless hours if I could possibly download this package or packages, or encrypt the NCF files, I've come to find not a single solution. It seems the only way to access these files is by purchasing the boxed, retail version. <_<

So not only do I have to hunt down the physical copy, but I have to dish out an extra 20 bucks for it.

So what I'm looking for now, as a last resort, is a solution to my little problem by asking you guys on the forum. Would it be possible for anyone to zip the UN_Sky file and send it to me via WinRAR? Maybe through megaupload.com? That would be great.

Idk if what I'm asking is illegal, but I have most definitely purchased the game (technically twice) and find it very irritating I'm not granted the privileges of accessing these packages for level editing. It should be readily available to anyone as if they purchased the boxed retail version. Restricting access to these files is a slap on the face for anyone who mods.

Is there anyway to access these packages through the NCF files? Maybe a certain software or program that can open them? Or maybe they're located in a hidden folder that completely slipped my memory?

I can assure you they aren't in My Document/My Games/Unreal Tournatment 3.. I've looked there over and over, countless times, and being a game developer, am very familiar with the area.

Anyways, any solution to this would be great. Though I'm searching for UN_Sky in particular, I would love to be given access to all the packages, so that I can properly level edit without having to re-purchase this game for a third time.

Thanks for your time.

06-02-2010, 07:38 PM
I stopped reading half way so hopefully I didn't miss anything important.

Here is where UN_Sky.upk is located.

steam\steamapps\common\unreal tournament 3\UTGame\CookedPC\Environments\

The packages are never 'normally' located in the binary folder.