View Full Version : Can't Download profile on GFWL

06-11-2010, 12:45 AM
It would always tell me that it can't connect to live each time I tried downloading my profile on GFWL.

I have tried 3 common solutions

*Turned off firewall

*Manually updated GFWL.

*Opened all ports required:
UDP 53
TCP 53
TCP 80
UDP 88
TCP 443
TCP 3074
UDP 3074

BUT, when I use PFPortChecker to see if they are open, all are confirmed open EXCEPT UDP 3074.

I think this is the cause for not being able to download my profile. What do you think is causing this? How do I fix it?

Actually I fixed it, I changed the MTU size in my router settings to 1500. I guess UDP 3074 doesn't have to be open. Close.