View Full Version : Oblivion crash (different than others)

06-12-2010, 06:24 PM
Ok this is really pissing me off... lately games that I buy for steam that are on sale I need a special patch or instructions to launch it... steam I'm really tired of this crap... why can't you guys test your games first?

Anyways... I had the same problem with Blink splash video fading away... I have no 2nd screen... great laptop that only chokes on Crysis Wars... 260M GTX card.. etc... latest Directx drives... latest drivers card... etc... everything is great... except when I went on the loader to load it on lowest options (640x800) or whatever the lowest resolution... I press enter few times to skip the intro... it loads... I press new game... the bar loads all the way and the game crashes...

sorry for making another topic but it seems a bit different than the other 3 - 4 topics with fancy 2 monitors and awesome desktops that crash on this too... yet no passing the blink splash except I passed it barely yet it still doesn't work for me... :(

06-12-2010, 06:32 PM
Sorry you are having trouble man. That being said this isn't an issue with Steam. If there was a wide spread issue then it would be all over here.

Unfortunatly Bethesda's engine is not stable on all systems. Many people had problems with Oblivion when it came out, but generally the patches took care of it. Also many people had issues with Fallout 3 crashing in the same manner you are describing. Unfortunatly 99% of the time it is something on the users system causing the problems, not the game causing the crash.

It sounds like the game is crashing when trying to play the intro video prior to getting to actual gameplay. The fix for Fallout 3 for these issues was to delete any codec packs installed on the system. You might want to try that.

Also disable any background applications that are running. Let us know if any of that helps.