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06-18-2010, 06:39 PM
Okay ladies and lads, time to take some constructive criticism towards this new BETA version. We all know they release these BETA versions for this very purpose so lets give them some feedback. (Bash if you want, but keep it constructive so they can release the best game possible).

I'm not an experienced gamer so this might be TOTALLY obvious to the experienced dudes, but i wanted to put my 2 cents in anyway. Don't hate.

Has anyone at EA thought to give players the ability to disable their enemies weapons? If Terry Taliban has his weapon in view, SHOOT THE ♥♥♥♥ING THING AND DISABLE IT!? My pointer in the game, especially for multiplayer, is the ability to disable your enemies weapon if he's got it poking out a window or around a corner.

Also when your in a firefight, and you're up and down and running and shooting, it gets ♥♥♥♥ing tiring! If you're forever going prone and getting up, and trying to gain a good fire position, make the guy get tired, and take longer to stand up and steady his weapon ect

crack, thump. I think i heard the crack thump in the game, but im not sure, if you've included that in there, AWESOME! The crack is the sound of the bullet passing through the sound barrier over your head, the thump is the sound of the weapon firing, (depending on how far away he is, is the delay between the crack and the thump). Throw that in there, so you can locate where your enemy is shooting from, and how far away he is?

My first impressions we're that it looked too much like BFBC2, the weapon takes up a huge portion of the screen and the detail is poor, where as if you notice in MW2 it's not as much of a distraction. Also the weapons in MW2 just look better, and more real. I've used the M4 and the BETA version's just looks crap.

I'm playing on a gaming laptop that runs MW2 pretty well, because the graphics options have a further range of customisation, you can turn OFF the Antiscopic Filtering (I think that's how it goes) and the shadows you can pull right back but the game still looks good. Try and turn these down in this new BETA version (aswell as BFBC 2) and the game looks and still runs like balls. EA PLEASE make the game much more user friendly so more people without super fast computers can play this game and still enjoy it. Make the graphics more easily customised so more people can enjoy the game. (I'm aware it's beta and hasn't been optimized but I hope the proper version has these graphics/gameplay options)

Gameplay wise, my first beef is the fact you can't go prone, which i think is ridiculous, myself being in the Army, you live half the fight on your guts. You do reload and stoppage drills for machine guns on your guts, a sniper LIVES on his guts in the scrub. And also press the key once, so you don't have to leave ur finger on it to stay crouched, that's frickin annoying. The weapons lack of recoil has been mentioned heaps. I think they get it.

That's all I can really think of, please anyone who wants to put in their own suggestions, help EA out, this game has potential to be unreal. But so far, people don't seem happy.

Raging Hamster
06-18-2010, 07:05 PM
I don't care for the points display during gameplay.

It blocks out too much of the screen.

06-18-2010, 07:10 PM
Pretty standard IRL army person complaints. No offence, but the reality is that all big publisher games aren't going for simulation. If you want that, try looking up the Source mod Insurgency. Or playing Red Orchestra (for WW2). Your not going to find it in EA games. BC2 was OK with realism in the sense that the gun noises and behaviors was pretty accurate, but even then you don't have to chamber the round after reloading an empty gun.

More on topic: I don't disagree, I've always thought you should be able to limit someone to they're sidearm if you can see they're gun only and shoot it, but no game I have ever seen has done this. Someday a game will make an engine for it, display it as a selling point, that game will not do very good and the engine will be picked up by Call of Duty 7: Post-modern impressionist warfare, and then it will be in every game after. But until then, we're SOL.
Secondly, USUALLY the beta clients are far from the finished product when it comes to textures and visuals. Companies normal compress files or send out non-current (IE: In-house build) models to keep the client small since downloading is the only form of distribution for them, unlike disc-based when the game ships.(And people that buy it online are expecting a big DL anyway)
Finally, IMO, gamers lost they're privilege to go prone when Battlefield 2 and 2142 came out. A large majority of the playerbase would do "the worm" and go prone, stand up, jump, go prone, stand up, jump, etc, while in a firefight to avoid bullets. Its extremely annoying, works way better than I'd like to admit, and is extremely immersion-breaking and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ looking. While I'd rather have no prone than Worming, I think it could be solved by making prone impossible to go into a few secs after a jump, and it takes a second or 2 before you can shoot after going prone (Kinda like COD:W@W). This would make going prone good for long range shootouts and sniping, which is where it should be used anyway.

So hopefully I've addressed some of your concerns. Sorry for the length but... post a long message and expect a long response I guess.

Edit: Yes the neon HUD is BAD. And the font for points doesn't need to be so giant. Luckily, BC2 had the same problem and they ended up fixing it before launch, so... hopes are high.

06-18-2010, 08:11 PM
Use cover! Use it! Use it!

In MOH, when you are spotted and someone starts firing at you, it usually means that you are dead. Don't give them the chance. Move from cover to cover.

If you are playing as the insurgents and you see the Bradley advancing, take it out! Its great cover and an amazing suppressing platform. They can easily use it to advance and set a charge somewhere. Destroying the Bradley takes 3-4 rockets or one well placed mortar strike.