View Full Version : Free Expansion: Power and Prestige

06-19-2010, 04:30 AM
Just posting in this dead forum to let people know that the expansion for PotBS is going to be released in a couple months (or less) according to the developers. It has a lot of new content from a political standpoint in the game, including port governance where you can be governor of a port, elected by other players and societies, tax goods being made in your port, create your own messages for the port, etc. They're tweaking all of the boats to make it easier for new players to get into the game, by rebalancing every characteristic of every boat in the game. Again, this game is unique and takes a certain type of person to enjoy it thoroughly, but...

FREE If you'd like to try it check out my post for free 30 day codes as a trial. There's no strings attached, you basically get a free account then have to subscribe after the 30 days if you want to continue playing. If you hate it then you just wasted some hours downloading it, but if you like it we could really use a lot of population and some fresh blood in the servers. Most people on all nations are very nice and will help new players with all of their questions (because new players are needed very much to keep the game alive).