View Full Version : New CS:S update - A real disapointment

06-23-2010, 07:38 PM
Ok, This was a terrible update. Now, the reason i feel this way is stated in the following list.

- Most people loved the old CS:S and thought that the only thing that could be better was the graphics and when i say that i don't mean TF2 graphics.

- The extra functions in the game such as achievements, kill-cams, picture added scoreboard, and the MVP thing at the end of the round. These are completely unnecessary and actually are annoying.

- Many people in my opinion, people either don't really care about the update or the absolutely hate it. There is no one who really thinks its a great update.

- Next, i know that everyone is pretty mad about not being able to use third party mods in the game unless the developer decides to update the mod. This is a problem because some of them may not have the time or just do not want to update it.
Theses mods include...
1. Zombie mod
2. Minigame
3. Gungame
and many more

Basically this was a cheap update and i feel they rushed it because valve wanted the profit from mac users. What valve should have done is made a Counter Strike 2.0. This way there would be a Counter Strike 1.6 which ran the HL1 engine, Counter Strike: Source which ran the Source engine, And Counter Strike 2.0 could run the Orange Box engine.
This way, the lovers of the original Counter Strike: Source could still enjoy and play it. And the ones that wanted a little upgrade could choose to buy the new Counter Strike.

If you don't agree with me i respect your opinion. However, the good times with the old Counter Strike: Source should not be lost and i feel as though they should withdraw the update. Thanks for reading =D