View Full Version : Silent Hunter V a good start for beginners?

Creeping Death
06-24-2010, 12:16 PM
I've never had a chance to play a Silent Hunter game before and I was wondering if Silent Hunter V was a good place for beginners? Or is it one of those series that gets more complex with each iteration and would an earlier game be more "noob" friendly?

If that's the case, which would you guys recommend?

taz rose
08-04-2010, 09:45 AM
Hey mate
Ive not played SH5 but it looks like it shows you the basics and then your on your own, with an unhelpful manual and no tutorial to explain things. So it might not be a good starting point for Subsimulation. But you could learn a great deal here on the forums if your willing to give it a crack. Im in two minds and currently play SH4 which is excellant in my opinion,

taz rose
08-04-2010, 11:54 AM
I cant believe 400 odd views of your question and not one person even bothered to post their thoughts/comments....IS this forum really that dead?

taz rose
08-09-2010, 10:25 AM
Its no better or worse a starting point. Easier if you ask me, especially if you have played the previous ones. The tutorial shows you the basics and thats about it. The first ships you fire upon are done so in the first moments of the demo and here it seems really easy, just lock a target with space bar then fire. But in the game, on 90%+ realism its not the same at all. Lock and fire will result in a miss. You need to assess and plan your approach and time your attacks and evasions. So there will be a learning curve here for the newcomer and not much guidance in the game to help you.
But theres plenty guidance here on the forums. Theres a great thread on Subsim forums for FAQs and all the things people have learnt about the game and its controls.

P.S i learnt alot more before buying the game on the forums than i did with the game itself. But having played SH3 and 4, it was familar territory. I knew how to access the deck/flak guns before purchase (approach and interact with them). And how to bring up the clock (letter "O").
Also travel is more straight forwards too. I was looking for my rudder controls and they do exist (advanced control panel, but as a compass only) so i can still make sudden moves if i feel the need but plotting courses and altering them on the fly is where this is improved. No need to have to go to the Nav map (which is a click away), you can expand a map over your current view at anytime from the control panel and scale it as you see fit. All the measuring devices are there too so it still has the same features as the previos SH's regards navigation using a map, just more staightforward/simplified if you ask me.