View Full Version : Nod32 and Steam

06-26-2010, 08:41 PM

there it shows a tutorial how to add an exception to steam as a web browser or whatever. however, in nod 32 v4; it shows no web browser tab anywhere. any idea on how to configure it for the latest version of nod32?

i was wanting to do this because the steam servers are being slower than usual, though i know there is no way they can be under too much load :/

thanks in advance

EDIT: i still cant seem to be able to download l4d at speeds above 800 KB/s even after disabling nod32 alltogether. maybe its just me, but i usually get 2.0 MB/s + speeds on steam. any idea on how to increase the download speed?

EDIT2: i guess its just because of the summer sale deals, haha; just disregard this post