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06-27-2010, 07:55 PM
I'm only interested in getting this for multiplayer; I liked the demo. Do I need to buy the combo (Gold) edition to get the full multiplayer experience?

According to the IGN faq for the Gold Edition, it talks about a bunch of extra units and game modes for multiplayer.

* Three evolving storylines in the Soviet, Allied and German armies, comprising 19 missions in 3 campaigns
* 7 bonus missions for different sides of the conflict
* More than 50 new units to use in multiplayer mode
* Direct control system. Take over the control of every single soldier, or drive tanks and other vehicles, set up ambushes with antitank guns and blow your enemies up with precise and deadly aimed shots at their weak spots
* System of ratings and statistics for every participant in multiplayer mode
* New nation in multiplayer mode - Japan
* Revised controls interface customizable and easier to use
* New multiplayer maps and 2 new game modes
* Highly detailed WWII environments and characters and faithfully recreated with a cutting-edge graphics engine
* RED TIDE EXPANSION: 23 missions - Soviet, German, Romanian and Italian forces
* RED TIDE EXPANSION: Six intense historical battles and landing operations during 1941-1945
* RED TIDE EXPANSION: Over 100 different military units: tanks, artillery, armored cars, planes (fighters, bombers, transporters), war ships and boats (cruisers, torpedo boats, gunboats)

I understand the expansion is just singleplayer campaign stuff, but the above faq for the GOLD combo insinuates there is more to it than just the vanilla alone.

Which to get?

07-01-2010, 02:54 AM
No, the addon "Red Tide" is a SP addon. It does not add any new multiplayer things. To get the complete multiplayer you only the the original MOW.

For example
* New nation in multiplayer mode - Japan

The japanese faction was a free addon in a patch. So everything in that quote except the RED TIDE ones are included in basic MOW.