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07-01-2010, 11:34 PM
GrmL4D and GrmL4D2 are two live-linux dvdrom having size of 2,5 and 3 Go . they permit to start a linux server for L4Ds by simply typing :
cd l4d or left4dead2
that starts a lan server with default map . both have metamod and source mod installed and running .
it is possible to select option copy in ram at boot with both GrmL4D and GrmL4D2 . it requires 4 Go of ram , if you let it boot then server needs only 256 Mo or more

i posted files for players , there is one for the config settings that are matching those of servers :

player_cfg_4_grml4d.7z :

the others are the campaigns i added to the servers .

for left4dead it is grml4d_addons_vpk_l4d_up1.7z

6 campaigns
city17 v2.5.vpk

for left4dead2 it is grml4d2_addons_vpk_l4d2_up1.7z

it is all campaigns adapted from L4D and
Welcome to Hell

the servers and players files are in this folder for GrmL4D :


in this one for GrmL4D2 :


to browse and edit the files , there is mc : Midnight Commander . . you can launch it like mc --edit=server.cfg if you do not like the linked editor vi

i added a bootable iso GRML_no_L4D.iso in the folders , it can be used to launch the server from a cdrom if a hard-drive is having the folders conf and live from the GrmL4Ds iso .
it can be usefull as the hard-drive or usb-stick is faster than dvdrom .

have fun

07-02-2010, 10:32 PM
i made an updated iso for l4d2 that loads in ram without problems , files are GRML2_upd1 .
i removed nearly 1 Go of wav files : 650 Mo wav from left4dead2_dlc1 and 211 Mo of wav from the vpks of campaigns plus the windows dlls .
so there is no longer any problem with computers having 4Go of ram of more . happy 4 th of july l4d2 ;']

07-03-2010, 07:24 PM
to follow the update from valve , i updated l4d2 to GRML2_up2

07-12-2010, 03:04 AM
there is big addons update for Grml4d2 and city17 added to Grml4d

10-18-2011, 03:15 AM
L4D has become stable and so not having an update per week ... i made a new GrmL4D Beta .
this one has a lot of new plugins and addons campains :
campains are : Dead Getaway , Vienna Calling , Death Aboard , Suicide Blitz , Precinct 84 , Darkblood , I Hate Mountains , Dead Before Dawn , One4Nine , City 17 .
Vienna Calling vpk is not the latest from the author but an updated one with the change that i added the dictionary file to the maps . i also added a sound cache file for this one as well as for city 17 . i renamed the vienna vpk to viennacalling_1_2.vpk because maps are not compatibles with previous one .
all this vpk are downloadable at this megaupload folder :


there is also a players config file to help matching server settings .

the sourcemod plugins are :

[L4D(2)] Remove Lobby Reservation (When Full) : http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=94415
i have edited to make it unreserve the server even when it has one player only

AFK Manager (Version 3.4.3 / Updated June 3rd 2011) : http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=79904
that is not enabled by default , some will have to use mc to move the file from the disabled folder .

[L4D] game mode changer : http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=109439
makes the server having a votemap ,"vote campain" , with all maps of server , it is also making the server play in versus , survival or coop mode without restating it ;']

[L4D] Force Mission Changer 1.4.0 : http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=81982
gives the server a campainpcycle in coop and versus via two files : sm_l4dvs_mapchanger.txt and sm_l4dco_mapchanger.txt .

the server is in a iso file , the little iso is the same as the big one except that i removed 2 folders : conf and live .
if you copy these 2 folders to a harddrive or a usb stick then the cdrom will find them and use them .
on a dvd rom the reading speed is from 5 to 10 mo/s with a hard drive it is between 60 and 100 ...

when you have booted the server and are at the prompt , if you use the arrow key up , you ll get some old commands .
if you press many times you ll get "stuck" with :

lspci | grep VGA

this one and some below are usefull to set up the ram of the video card as a swap memory , read that to learn more about that : http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Using_Graphics_Card_Memory_as_Swap

instead of using lspci to find the right address for your video card , look in device manger of windows
the picture shows the :
ati having MEM Range C000000-CFFFFFF and the
nvidia having Range 7800000-78FFFFF

it means that the ati can give 252 Mo of swap while the nvidia 124 .
so the command lines have to be edited to have C040000 instead of D040000 .


ddclient -daemon 240 is the tool that check the ip and report it to the dyndns server : https://www.dyndns.com/account/
you got to edit ddclient.conf to match your account settings or skip if you do not use it

you should have seen that the command roll over the commands but after starting screen , you will see a reset untill you pass first command screen -S l4d -X screen ./srcds_run -game left4dead -nohltv -preload -nosound -heapsize 98304 -datacache 128 -insecure +map l4d_farm01_hilltop -threads 1 +sv_lan 1
where threads is equal to the number of cores/cpu minus 1
and you should increase the heapsize 98304 to 262144 , normally server sets it at 64 Mo and command increase it at 96 but it looks that setting it at 256 does not cause trouble even if server is loaded in ram on a 4Go pc

to change screens screens ;'] you have to use Ctrl-a [ or Ctrl-q with a french keyboard ] then press number 0 to go back to the prompt .
after using
: 1314798259:0;screen -S l4d -X screen saidar
: 1314798296:0;screen -S l4d -X screen iptraf
: 1314798343:0;screen -S l4d -X screen htop
you will have 4 screens so use number 0 1 2 3 4 to change

: 1314798387:0;hddtemp /dev/sda
: 1314798396:0;vnstat
: 1314798406:0;vmstat
: 1315051136:0;mc
: 1315798412:0;init 6
: 1315951136:0;poweroff
are commands to pass on screen 0 , first is for hard-drive temperature , for network and memory infos
init 6 makes a reset of pc and poweroff swith it off

mc is made to browse files and edit some , saidar shows some info about hard drive , cpu , network , iptraf is for network card and htop to see the processes .

the files are at :