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07-14-2010, 11:33 AM
Is there an instructions manual somewhere? I can't find one. There isn't a link on steam forums, there isn't one in the store page. I did a search and can't find one. So maybe it just doesn't exist?
Questions: (A couple of these could go into that thread about the computer cheating)
1)What do the hero skills actually do?
2)How do items/spells get assigned? I've found lots of items and spells, but I they aren't on my hero and I can't find them anywhere. How does this work?
3)How does attacking work? 99% of the time, when I attack, it hits that top person on their list. But everyone now and then (usually when that top person is now able to attakc themselves), it hits some other random person in their list.
4) How does the level of a town/city affect anything?
5) Is there anyway to get anything other than 60 points for customizing? Because eventually, you'r hero can't really be used because nothing much else is available to add to him.
6) how are experience calcuated?
7) I assume any shields/armor block that ammount of damage OR Less based on experience. So not really a question here, I guess.
8) is there any pattern to what drops from the top? Because the computer seems to know what is coming, but I can't tell. It isn't the button at the top you can slide on, it's usually something else.
9) Does your hero's color matter? Does he give help to same colored armies or something? Is that what the skills help with (see previous question)

07-14-2010, 06:49 PM
Hey, what I know from playing a bit...

1. Hero skills (I'm assuming you mean attack, defence, leadership?) are passive bonuses that your army gets in battle. Say your hero has 2 attack points (1 more than starting out). That means that all of your units get +1 attack. You can usually hover over things with your mouse to find out what they do.

2. To assign things, on the world map press Empire, then click on a hero slot to assign heroes. In the right part of the screen, there are 8 boxes for each hero. Try clicking on those.

3. Highlight a troop in battle and you'll see it's attack type. Normal means it targets the top enemy, no spillover. Ranged means it attacks a random enemy, no spillover. Magic means it attacks the top enemy, and spills over to the next if it does more than needed to kill it.

4. Level of a town? I haven't seen that..

5. On the Empire screen, there are arrows to the left and right. You unlock other empires by beating them, and then you can use them. They have more points and have certain bonuses for colors. Hover over the colors to see the colors that cost less and the colors that cost more in terms of points for that kingdom. These affinities are changes to the point cost of heroes, troops, and relics only. Other than that, the number of points available is the only difference between kingdoms.

6. No idea about experience.

7. In my experience, shields block up to the amount, or nothing at all.

8. No idea about the pattern, I think it's random. Sometimes I get lucky and get tons of matches from the top.

9. If your hero levels up, he will get bonuses for his colors - 20% chance of an extra turn for matching his primary color, then 20% for secondary color, then 40% for first color, etc. Right now there is a bug, but in another thread on this forum you will see how to enable it.

07-15-2010, 03:06 PM
Thanks for the answers. I actually figured a couple out after posting, but you've given me more to look at. My main gripe is: Where are you supposed to learn this OTHER than asking on forums or just trial and error? There should be an instruction manual SOMEWHERE. lol :cool: