View Full Version : Hmm, interesting... Im always looking for more strategy!

07-15-2010, 04:37 PM
About thirty seconds ago, i checked the steam sales for today. Saw this game on the list, and checked it out. Ive seen about two screenshots, and read about a paragraph into 'about the game'

and im interested, but have a few questions.

What is the gameplay like? Im assuming its a TBS of course, but is it like advance wars, where you capture buildings, or can you BUILD buildings?

Ive played games like advance wars, and commanders: attack of the genos (on teh xbl arcade) and im heavily in love with these kinds of games, so it would be pretty awesome if this game was VERY VERY similar to those types of games.

Another thing i was iffy about was that it said it supporeded PBE multiplayer. does this equal a lack of server type gameplay, or is that just an option?

lastly, what types of units does this game have? I saw it had a helicopter, but does the game have other units to fill different roles? helicopters, a bomber role, an air superiority unit (fighter)? How about infantry and tanks? infantry, heavy infantry (rocket units etc) tanks, heavy tanks, scouts, artillery, missile launchers, etc. How about naval combat? does it have ships and subs? carriers? etc.

Any information you can provide about this game would be appreciated. Seems like an awesome looking game for eight bucks.

07-15-2010, 05:50 PM
Its give a demo in english and german