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07-20-2010, 02:00 PM

I thought Alien Swarm is a fun little game and it's cool the source engine can render isometric scenes like this. I just have this lingering idea. It seems suitable to be modded into an axelay mod.

For those who doesn't know, axelay is an arcade R-type ish shooter for the SNES from 1992. It's special in the way you have different kinds of weapons that promote subtile changes in the gameplay. Like you had a 360 spread as long as you pressed the button so you could flank your enemies. Another weapon would drop bombs behind and another weapon would spray laser needles sideways.

You had bosses that had pretty specific weak spots that you had to defeat, they were very visible and obvious but because of all of the chaos around you you needed to maneuvre alot to get to them.

Also you had different angles of gameplay. You could sometimes run under bosses sideways or flank them, or anticipate their attacks but that wouldn't make them less dangerous because your axelay could only take 3 hits and you had to strategicly anticipate back.

So I had this idea for an axelay tribute:

It's a mix between god of war, diablo and R type (the latter always has been a brainfather of axelay so it's kind of appearent)

We keep the traditional sidescroll and topdown gameplay that konami conceived for this game but add an isometric mode to it as "world hub space".

Gameplay mechanics:

It's a fixed tunnel environment that can sometimes end in a sandbox area to battle mini bosses. defeating those litle mini boss areas will reward you by entering the next "tunnel area" (which isn't a literal tunnel but it's a metaphor to describe the game-play in. It will look like an open world but progress linear in a tunnel area.

So here comes the "god of war" element. You know god of war and the way you can fight on top of colossal creatures. We translate that in axelay 2 by putting the axelay ship in environments that have floating structures that contain sub levels on the planet and will have end bosses for you to face in order for you to escape those sublevels.

The sublevels are either topdown view or sidescroll view and when cleared can seemlesly transition into the main world as you exit the structure. and go back to isometric gameplay. as described for the hub world.

The sublevel structures can be inside a mountain, a colossal mothership, an underwater area, a city, a lava area and more.

The diablo element is that the ship must be able to upgrade itself in many many levels. Lasers, shields, rate of fire, torpedo's and special black hole generators or mass attack weapons to deal with bosses should be able to picked up. THis should also happen in a non linear fashion.

So let's say you get in the first level and you acquire this huge time displacement or time freeze weapons (time displacement will reverse the enemy's action causing him to do everything in reverse, essentially drifting away from you, but it can only be used with intervals. time freeze will freeze the enemy for 2 seconds... But as in axelay 1, the right to use these weapons is taken away from you as you get hit several times.

So it would be cool that you get a glimpse of all those advanced weapons you can find but they are constantly being taken away from you by fire but you always will find different upgrades like homing lasers, xray target , foe to friend converters and all that stuff.

The levels should be littered with hundreds of different upgrades that you can use and they
are all different, taking the diablo/r-type class upgrade game-play to arcade standards.

Other weapon upgrades I can think of are:

Primary weapons:

dosens of flavors of laser: normal, double damage, tripple damage (all different colors), homing lasers, grouped laser attack, aft laser attack turret, spiraling lasers, guided lasers etc etc...

Secondary weapons:
kinetic bomb,
Web plasma interfold. This device shatters in 10 litle devices that will home in and attack 10 surrounding enemies and will create a plasma lavice, they will then detonate the lavice destroying all enemies. But an upgraded version of this would just make it elastic and trap virtually anything also bigger classes of enemies.
Energy python. The energy python is a self homing laser system with daisy chained emitters that you can guide inside enemy territory to litterally scribble away the enemy like a pencil. But whenever one enemy is hit it will loose energy, it's in essence a secondary craft that you use untill you use all of it's hp by destroying the enmy one module at ta time.
Black Hole generator: It's a vortex of suction that will suck in smaller enemies but only slow down bigger enemies like bosses so it's attack rate slows down, giving you more time and space to defeat it.viral attacks:
Foe to friend (enemies that are cursed with this attack will becvome your friends for 30 seconds or untill death if it comes sooner
posess - you can posess enemy ships for 30 seconds, enabling you to steal certain secrets from the enemy if there's a ship/object having secret data, like a secret key to use inside enemy structures so it can lead to bonus areas, which on their turn lead to weapons you would otherwise never find.
Liquifier. The liquifire viral attack can semi liquify any mid sized enemy in sight and enable the axelay to destroy it much more quickly. Or when applied on a large enemy, it enables the axelay to use conventional bombs to destroy it more quickly instead of having to look for weak spots. Can only be used 2 or 3 times when it's found.
Reverse time (only works on groups of small or middle sized items. when hit by a reverse time attack, those enemies are living the timeline continuum backward, in essence they will float away from you and regress trough their own past untill thei'r time of beginning.
freeze time, enemies are frozen for 5 seconds. Can be applied on large enemies.The bosses:

Level bosses are at the end of a sublevel structure and you need to battle them in order to escape the structure.

A subdevision of bosses would be mini (hub area) bosses. They could be anything, you might be stranded in a sandbox area with a huge mech robot that you can battle from
all sides, (above, under it, besides of it) and you have to find his weak spots while steering the axelay in any direction you want.

Common foes:

Normal enemies are a large amount of ships, airbourne creatures or flying bikes and little flyers that can have 3 sizes. Small, middle sized and large. Depending on their size they might have a little
trick to them. Very fast, or untouchable by a certain weapon, weak for another weapon.

I'm not a real graphic developer and I don't know anything about models. I'm doing navs and music and optimization theory for a left 4 dead campaign so I'm no real graphical artist but I wonder if it could ever happen: getting a team together to do an axelay mod. Wouldn't this flavor of the source engine be suitable for that ?