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07-22-2010, 02:52 PM
Ok im completly noob apparently.

My first mission ive flown other wise ive only done my own editor mission to learn to fly and use all the systems.

I flew the "Clear Tvacholivic"(spelling) mission.

The mission did say haste was off the essence but tbh i flew along to the observation point. Hovered scouted couldnt find a thing so i decided to make a sprint over open ground. Properly stupid and my LWS did also light up, but the russian advance had me covered (at first i thought it was enemies but figured they were friendly since they advanced in the wrong direction), they were advancing underneath me as i flew north west to some small hills. once there i jumped from hill to hill going into hover mode and peeping up. But by the time i had done my fourth hover/scouting i was within 5 km of the city but the ground forces had already entered so i decided to go for a rocket run. Unable to hit anything without rudder control and being shot at by a stryker and a M1A2 + hummer i decided to fly behind some hills and launch some vikhirs at em with much success. But then i eneded up with laser burn out. I had put the laser on RF mode while i was doing all my scouting so i wouldnt use as much.

Laser burn out? can i happen from simple range finding? thought only real threat to it was designating targets for weapons. Ive read that you have something like 16x5 with 30 min intervals between the 16 laser uses. But is that designations or range findings? And so i should be very carefull not to press Enter with the laser in designate mode and standby?

Strafing runs? are they even possible without rudder control? i flew with FD on while attempting. My joystick only have 11 buttons and i use them exculsivly for trim and auto pilot modes etc. all else is on the keyboard or mouse. It was impossible to align with the targets.

Also attacking a city? what is the best tactic, i tried circling around it but there was always a building in the way and i had to overflew it to locate targets and then find a clear vector for a stand off attack not obstructed by buildings. Not really a smart choice.

Fourth and last question, how do you balance speed with scouting? Looking through the ACMI file i see i was at the obs point 6+ min from then it took me into the 30+ min skulking around before i gave up and startet my failed strafing run.

Thx for any help.

07-22-2010, 04:05 PM
Ah im so stupid. Ive read up on the vikhir and shkval, it appears the shkval actualy have 4 lasers/modes. 1x for RF 1x for designations 2x for vikhir beam ridiing. No wonder i had burn out, i actualy put it on designation which is very very taxing on the laser.

07-22-2010, 11:52 PM
I also wondered to what laser usage the 5x16 limit applies.

From the specific words used in the topic that speaks about it, it applies to the range finding.

No mention on laser designation limits.

As from the rudder usage, I use it all the time for small corrections during normal flight between waypoints, and all the time for lining up to fire weapons on target. I don't use the "auto turn to target" button.

For an attack on a city with tall buildings (didn't play that mission yet), I imagine the only way is to turn around the city to spot targets in available openings (streets, ...).
Or use your wingmen to do the spotting job for you, sending them to recon?

The higher your altitude is, the more chances are that you get a better view of the streets, but then you have to stay out of ennemy firing range.

Good luck.

I started the "Deployment" campaign. Good fun! But I find it hard to spot ennemies... You don't always know what they are supposed to look like, and even so, indeed, they may be hidden behind a building, or trees... I'm at the third mission, and still wondering what a bunker looks like :confused:

07-23-2010, 01:46 AM
I think im going to buy the CH pedals, or maybe hold out and wait for my CH stick maybe im satisfied with just mapping rudder control to a hatswitch. Atm i have to use the Z+X keys on the keyboard and thats not optimal.

The problem with recon from wingmen is you still cant spot enemies since they are sitll hidden you just know they are there. Flying up high is ok i guess as long as the enemy dont have stationary AA like Hawk or patriot missiles. But if they do have those and you get cought in high altidtude without cover your pretty much dead.

And yeah its extremly difficult to spot enemies.
Do you go very slow on mission? spending alot of time scouting out ahead of you? You can easly use 5 min in a hover position looking to make sure the coast is clear.

07-23-2010, 01:57 AM
I use the keyboard arrows for rudder and rotor blades pitch.
Pedals would be more comfortable, but that's sufficient for me.

Concerning scouting, I didn't need to plan myself yet. 1st mission of campaign is following another heli to discover the landscape. 2nd one is to escort a ground convoy, in which you scout all the time, 3rd one is an attack on a clearly defined position at a frontline.

I'd scout only if there is a reason to do so: advice in the mission briefing, a radio message with a warning of what's ahead, if you are in a known hot area ...
I wouldn't have the patience to go into hovering regularly if there is no apparent reason, just for maximum safety. It's safer, but my free time is limited in real life :-)

07-23-2010, 03:18 AM
Wow dont you use a joystick?

07-23-2010, 04:19 AM
I do.

Joystick for pitch & roll.
Keyboard arrows for yaw (rudder) and elevation (rotor blades).
TrackIR for sight.

07-23-2010, 08:55 AM
wow thats impressive :D

When i used keyboard for the collective it was like "either to much" or "way to little".