View Full Version : MapSwarm, yet another AS link dump.

07-23-2010, 07:58 PM
Hey guys,

I've seen some other people post links and everyone seems to get a bit territorial about it, but even if you've formed some kind of die-hard alliance already I'd appreciate it if you could poke around and give some feedback. :)

(Featured content pane on the way, hidden until there's uploads)

Basically it's a link dump and creates a page users can link to in their addon infos so people can find their mods.


Link Dumping
Screenshot Uploading
Mod Description / Commenting System
Mod News Bulletins + Comments
Subscriptions, subscribe to the news bulletin of your favourite mods
User HUB, look at all your uploaded projects and view your news feed for subscribed mods

To-add is just a simple rating/tagging system and account recovery.

I'd apprieciate the "it's been done already" comments being left out because, A: I'm aware, B: I've made this from the ground up rather than user a content management system like a few others I've seen, hence why I felt the need to make my own.

Bring on the trolls disregarding anything I just said above,

Any suggestions welcome here or on the forums.
Cheers. :)

(Oh, and the forms will be cleaned up as well as a few other visual issues.)