View Full Version : Request for community respawn development

Amos Trask
07-31-2010, 02:37 AM
how far along are the various mods in this?

how easy is it to implement?

I'm working on 4 v 4 atm and i'll share source with those who help me with the respawns

basically the requirement is for a cpp that will respawn the the character on death.

perhaps calculating kills etc and displaying in the console the scores

07-31-2010, 11:05 AM
Ok I'll throw in my two cents -- I'm new to the sdk so I narrowed in on working with the holdout mode as it's fairly-well isolated and surprisingly filled in.

Have a look asw_holdout_mode.cpp: if you make it to the end of the wave then ResurrectDeadMarines() gets called which simply polls all marines and calls back to the Resurrect() method in asw_gamerules i.e. the CAlienSwarm class itself. It works great for me in my lame map, so long as you have an ai network setup in it, else they won't respawn. No idea about network multiplayer atm.

Of course by default they'll respawn in their original positions and you'll have to account for that by picking a random spawn point. How are you telling the game it's in deathmatch, or are you just modifying the ai to target other marines and let it on its merry way?

Amos Trask
07-31-2010, 11:22 AM
thanks for the heads up, i'll check out that cpp in the morning.

To get the marines shooting at each other, i'm currently using their spawn index (in a messy but effective way, first 4 spawns are in one spot, next 4 are in another) to determine what faction they are put into. I had to create a new faction for that as well, info in other (32 player pvp) thread. More or less re-writing some code :)

I'm editing out a lot of ai "precautions" to allow asw_marine more latitude in targetting the asw_marine class.

But yes, two working functional teams :D

edit: and before i go to bed, may i just say I just got thoroughly owned by team number 2, definately doing damage now :D