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08-04-2010, 01:06 PM
Thought I'd share this fix for the NAT issues that players get with BT HomeHubs. This is the ONLY fix that has ever worked for me, and I nearly shat myself when it did. I have NEVER had an NAT issue since. Takes like 30 seconds to do.

Sorry I can't provide screenshots, I got a new router. A friend asked me to post this up after I told him how to do it. It's from memory, so I apologise if I got the name or order of stuff wrong. Let me know if I have and I'll fix it.

Reminder:If you are not on a static IP you will have to repeat this process when your IP changes. Simply re-add the service with your new IP.

My Computer
Right click on "BT Home hub"
Settings (or Advanced settings. Memory fails :<)
Add a service

A form will pop up, fill it with this:

Name of service: COH (Can be anything)

6112 in both Internal and External port fields.

Select UDP.

IP adress: Find your IP. -->

Get your IP adress by doing this: Start - Run - cmd - ipconfig - find IPv4 should look like 192.168.x.x

Save this service, close the window. Launch COH. Enjoy MultiPlayer.

If this doesn't work for you, I don't know why, sorry. It's worked for me and the friends I have walked through it. I hope this helps some people.

02-02-2011, 10:41 AM

Previously this fix worked a treat for me on Windows 7 with the hub v1.0 and although you did have to re-add the info when the router reset itself it was a decent workaround. However after a recent BT automatic firmware update I am unable to get the Properties->Settings page up as the option seems to have disappeared. Since the update, when you go to right click on the hub under network infrastructure you get the options:

view device webpage
create shortcut

Selecting properties opens a page that has a single tab called network device which shows 'device details' (with a few hyperlinks) and 'troubleshooting information' listing the serial number, mac address, unique identifier and the IP address. There is no settings tab in which you can add a service to the router. :mad:

I have also noticed that the device itself, under the heading 'Network Infrastucture' used to be listed simply as "BT Home Hub" but now has the MAC/Serial number in brackets underneath and is exactly the same as the second entry present under the 'Other Devices' section.

It seems to me that BT have disabled some of the functionality that was available in the previous firmware of the homehub for some reason so this workaround is no longer applicable for me. I have tried opening the same ports for COH under application sharing via the hub webpage but it simply does not work. 80% of Company of Heroes games I try to join I now get a NAT error with. Has anyone else had the same issues as me? Is there any way to access the settings page for the hub via a different method?

I'd like to thank BT for making their hub even more useless than it already is, as well as Relic for managing to create one of the most stupid bugs I've ever come across! Cheers

02-03-2011, 08:27 AM
screenshot if anybody is interested:


02-09-2011, 08:29 AM
Hi cj2,

Just before I ditched my HomeHub I noticed I couldn't even find it listed under Network, so I don't have any experience with doing this on Win7 (I used this fix on XP). Again, I don't hhve the hub anymore so I can't even begin to help, no idea what BT have done to make their hub's even worse.

Forwarding these ports through the hub page doesn't work, again that seems to be just limited to the hub, as that is all I have had to do with my new router, and I've helped various other people forward theirs and thye all work fine.

I would honestly suggest getting a new router. Not only did I have the problems on CoH, but every time I launched a Source engine game my internet just completely died. My internet would also just lose connectivity and random points in the day. I also noticed that since getting my new router, I am getting almost 2mbp/s more on speedtest.net on down, and almost double the speed on up. I got a 300mbp/s Wireless-N TP-Link router/modem, works flawlessly, and they go for a very nice price.