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Mad Mephit
08-05-2010, 01:52 AM
After getting stuck on Ch10Ex10 of the World Tour(Bucket for the TV Set), I gave up and hunted for solutions online, for that one and others which didn't seem to want to register my solution as having accomplished the goals. Using this, I was at least able to convince that one to register as complete(it seems to be tied to one of what should be secondary objectives - the golf balls in the bucket - as opposed to just getting the bucket on the switch).

This is how I got to find something cute:

Some of the "suggested" solutions seem to be non-replicable by players. The grid snap in the game means that the closest position the elements can be placed at will be overlapping something and thus disallowed. This is especially obnoxious in 04-08, "Queen of the Desert". By fiddling around, I was able to smash both amphorae for the bonus objectives and get the flower to bloom... but it didn't register. Or I could get the flower to bloom and register as such, but only one of the amphorae gets smashed.

The suggested solution has the brick wall set up right against the no-build zone, with no visible gap(in fact it is sitting on the bright red border of the no-build zone). If I try to place it there, the game won't let me; I can only place it slightly away from that zone, with the (apparent) result that when the wall gets dynamited, the flying bricks don't smash the second amphora.

Has anyone else run into this, or better yet, been able to find a way around such problems? I've tried using modifier keys to selectively turn off the grid snap, but that doesn't seem to be an option that I can find... and not only is this frustrating at the time, it blocks access to the later chapters of the lab.

EDIT: And then there are times when the physics just break. 12-7, "Shining Blossom". I can either turn the light on or activate the robot. Not both. If I turn on the light, I can watch the pool ball hit the button atop the robot's head, watch it press and release, hear it click... and the robot doesn't turn on, it just gets nudged back slightly by the pool ball.

This is more than a little aggravating.

08-05-2010, 11:08 AM
I've noticed physics "breaking" too. For example, I built a puzzle where a metal ball and chain is hit repeatedly against a brick wall. The brick wall should be completely broken apart. Sometimes the metal chain will break before the wall falls apart!

I found that adjusting non-interacting elements will fix it. For example, I moved the power plugs around and it changed the outcome of the experiment. Unless the game takes into account cable length, its different resistances and different power delivered to the loads attached to the outlets (I highly doubt it does; I think all power cables are the same length anyway), then the outlet and cable positions should have no effect on other physical objects.

ps. I got a gold gear on ALL the world tour puzzles, so they should all be perfectly solvable.

03-13-2011, 06:39 AM
I found something similar on a number of puzzles. It's almost a year since I last played CM2, but I remember one which involved moving a bowling ball along two conveyor belts. Following the "correct" solution, the ball ended up clipping into the log between the two belts and getting stuck there, making the puzzle unsolvable. Perhaps it'll work better on my other computer (the one without the PhysX card) but I won't know until I get it over to Sweden after the move.

Anyone recognise that problem?