View Full Version : Need tips for newbie on Dragon Rising

08-06-2010, 09:45 AM
Firstly, I don't have much experience with military sims, closest I've played is Rainbow 6 Raven Shield

Anyway I'm finding this game very difficult when it comes to firefight.

At mission 2, I thought this game was like IGI 2 or Splinter Cell where its never rewarding to directly engage enemy. I never survive if I get into a firefight, the gunship will come blow us to bits. I guess I got lucky when I manage to sneak my way to the final objective, and the other team were engaging the enemy and I manage to plan the explosive and runs off:p (sometimes the other team got wipe off earlier)

3rd mission was easier, but even on Normal difficulty, I'm unable to hold off the enemy, the other friendlies can never hold them back and I always ended up being surrounded and it becomes impossible to stay alive.

Is there any tips on how to do better in this game?

08-06-2010, 10:35 AM
Hmmm, about all I can offer is do not rush in. headon is not the best way. Distance is your friend. Use rangefinder and single shot. Enemy has full autos, they will win close up most the time. Those flag points give you idea which way to go, but not always need to go straight to them. Make sure your team is staying with you or flanking the enemy for you. get them in crossfires. use your squad as in tell them where and who to attack or suppress. Make sure you have medic heal team when needed. Use everything you got., if artillery is availble, it's for a reason. if crates are available, check them as well as the dead laying around. rpg's and nades help, plus you can always set off those demolitions your carrying while defending. Keep your head down, Especially when you see a gunship within 500 meters. Kiss the ground you walk on!

08-06-2010, 07:17 PM
1st you need to know what "DEFEND" is~~~

Never stay at the point where the enemies plan to attack

Order your men to man the MGs and get in to covered positions~

Then gongto the hills---alone.

check the map to find out where the fight is ~and then flank the enemy who is busy engaging your man


The idea is engaging the enemy from the unexpected(mission designer) direction, get it?

08-13-2010, 12:04 PM
Assume friendly AI is incompetent. For example, in the third mission I left my squad at the ruined house with the AAVP, because it (the AAVP) had a 40mm grenade launcher I felt fairly certain that it could handle what my fireteam could not, meanwhile I went to the position parallel with yours and held off the enemy.
In short, you have to do everything yourself, and only trust AI to hold if their in an armored vehicle.

This of course is not always true. Sometimes friendly squads will do their part, but in general I don't put my trust in them.

Protip- when engaged strafe left-right to avoid being hit. Whatever damage model is present it seems much more benevolent when your strafing. I also suspect that the damage model isn't based on 1:1 ballistics, but rather how long you're under fire. Those familiar with Borthers In Arms: Hell's Highway should be familiar with this mechanic.