View Full Version : (RA3) The specified code has already been used by another account.

08-14-2010, 06:47 PM
My problem is this. I bought Red Alert 3 from Steam as a birthday present last year, and, as my computer hadn't the space to install it, I installed it on a friend's computer, knowing that Steam lets you install it on multiple computers without much trouble.

I finally get a new hard drive for my computer, so I install it here and uninstall it from the computer at my friend's house.
After trying to login to the online part of Red Alert 3 so I can play it with my friend again (it allowed me to login when I was at his house), it proceeds to show me the Terms and Conditions screen, then when I accept, it tells me "Your installation's CD Key will be linked with your EA Account."
Okay, fair enough. 'OK'. Suddenly..

"DISCONNECT NOTIFICATION: The specified code has already been used by another account."

I can't seem to work my way around this, so any help on the subject would be appreciated.