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08-16-2010, 03:59 PM
I've played through the Serbian campaign three times now and it seems the only way to avoid a missile is to not have one fired at you in the first place. I've tried every radical maneuver I can think of and I've lit off dozens upon dozens of chaff and flares and it seems that I always get shot.

How in the $%$#$ &^^$$ ^$$@$% do you dodge a missile that has been fired at you?

09-01-2010, 07:19 AM
The key to avoiding incoming missiles is your turning radius. Missiles, traveling at an extremely high velocity with limited fuel, have a larger turning radius than your aircraft. Flying straight towards or straight away from the missile will get you smoked. Here's what you do: Find out where the missile is coming from (use a visual search to find the exhaust trail) and line the incoming missile with your wings, so that you are flying perpendicular to the missile's flight path. This has a secondary effect of causing the missile to have to constantly track you, thereby wasting its valuable kinetic energy and fuel. Wait for the missile to close within a comfortable range (just practice to find the sweet spot) and then immediately break towards the missile. The missile will fly past you, behind your aircraft, and will be traveling away from you in the opposite direction. The missile will either lose its lock or be unable to maneuver 180 degrees towards your aircraft before it runs out of fuel. With practice, this will work a majority of the time.

02-17-2012, 02:42 PM
Whatever FinalShowdown just said there, ignore.

To dodge a missile in F16 MRF, you can do it a number of ways. But you should never have to launch countermeasures/flares.

1. Zoom in your mini-map (Shift+S) *note* you have to do this everytime you die

2. When an incoming missile is getting close, you will see a red line drawn on the mini-map. This is the line drawn between you and the missile closing in. Simply turn your plane so that the missile is 45 degrees to your plane. And that's it. If a missile is coming from behind you, simply make a wide sweeping turn to the left or right. You should never have to launch flares or countermeasures.

Source: 12 year veteran

For more info goto www,ibsx,tk

For Hardware Acceleration go download Glide2x.dll from http://worldibs.stgeorgepcrepair.com and put it in your F16 installation directory.