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08-20-2010, 03:56 PM
hi guys and gals.

dont know if anyone really checks here anymore, but hoping someone can give me a bit of info. well, alot actually. to start off with, im an ex wow player (ive been wowsober for 5 weeks) so i get all the basics. i bought this game years ago on release, then ended up playing wow instead. then i had my first wow break, and bought it again (i had lost original while moving house) and installed. played for about an hour, and went back to wow. both times it was nothing wrong with TQ, i was just too hooked on wow. so this time round, i bought TQ AGAIN! and have a few Q's about it.

wall of text i know, but im at work and this is one of the few sites i can view, so cant get the answers elsewhere.

-i know theres levels, and i understand the cap is around 75 or so. what i dont get, at my early stage of play, i dont see a way of "farming" so wouldnt everyone finnish the game @ roughly the same level?

-is it worth playing though the game in easy, then 2nd difficulty, then 3rd? when you finnish the game, do you keep your toon and just reaply through on the next difficulty with your higher level toon? (similar to demon souls)

ill start with those 2....i have MANY more, but ill wait to see if anyone has answers to those.

thanks in advance.


08-20-2010, 06:56 PM
After a certain level you 'll unlock the higher difficulty.You can choose it and it will continue from the last spot you saved.Only difference is that monsters are harder so you 'll get more exp and way better items.

But anyway it's a really fun game to play.

08-20-2010, 07:00 PM
1.) You really only wanna farm bosses and mob groups that might drop a Monster Infrequent (MI). You do this by killing that group or boss and then exiting the game before reaching the next rebirth fountain. Then you can do it all over again.

2.) You would die in .00001 secs trying to start a level 1 char in Epic or Legendary. And you have to beat the game on Normal to unlock Epic anyway. And Epic to unlock Legendary. And when you beat Legendary you can start a new campaign of any difficulty.

08-20-2010, 08:01 PM
thanks heaps guys. both great answers and cleared up heaps. coming from mmo background (played most of em) its all a bit different for me. only played d1 and d2 other than this. love it so far, and am sure i will continue to.

-cant believe i put off playing this for so long either. and the new game they are working on looks 105% awesome. once i see a video of it running so i can see how smooth the animations are, ill bump that up to roughly 155% awesome.

animations meen alot to me, static jumpy unrealistic animations ruin games. *aion what?*