View Full Version : voices stopped working

08-26-2010, 05:24 AM
So I started playing this game the other day and it's really cool and I'm quite enjoying it. Since then I saved the game and turned it off.

Now I've gone and loaded the game up again and started playing, but the voices are now gone.
I haven't done anything to the settings and I've been in and checked my audio setting in game and the voices volume is still set to maximum.

Any idea how to fix it, or what's going on here?

*edit* I just now tried starting a new game to see if that would do anything. During the opening movie I did get voice - but - it sounded like the guy was talking into a badly broken microphone, from about 10 feet away. After skipping the intro, I can BARELY hear some speech from the NPCs - but again, it sounds like the audio is minimised and static filled.. While the music that's playing over it is in perfect quality.