View Full Version : Error: Can't find materials/console/mainmenu1.vtf

adm. melonhead
08-30-2010, 04:36 PM
Can't start the game cus of this. Some info might help clear up:

I uninstalled this game a while ago. I got stuck on the part where you snipe the squirrels. The rifle is so inaccurate...

Now I re-install it, and it says the content is 398 mb or something instead of the 4 gigs I remember. Plus, it said "updating" instead of "installing" on the game status, I think. Is there any real way I can play this epic game again?

08-31-2010, 07:39 AM
Same as in the other post:
From the games library in Steam you should go to Properties->LocalFiles->Verify integrity of game cache

Sometimes steam games skip the installation of some files, you can fix it with this without having to reinstall the whole game...