View Full Version : Problem going into gear screen, get's stuck, then have to use task manager to close

09-01-2010, 03:35 PM
I have a wierd problem. Well I do have a problem when loading a save game for the first time when you just load the game, it crashes, goes to desktop then auto loads game again to load the save again, which then if you don't move the mouse it will then load.

But my major problem for the moment is the fact that, for some strange reason, after I entered the Black Alley or whatever it is called after you do your first main mission, not tutorial, then you start at your home and have to go to your fence guy to sell your stolen goods, well, as soon as I entered that area, I saved the game, now that I am in the black alley, every time I go into the objectives area, pressing ESC, and click on Gear, I get this repeating sound link clicking and some music that goes for 2 seconds and is replayed.

I have not found anyway to fix this. But if anyone has any info that could help me with this problem, I would appreciate it greatfully. As, I do not know how to find out what I have on me without using hotkey's etc, but I would love to be able to view my gear screen again. thanks.

PS: I will go to a new area such as the market area my fence told me to go to and see how it goes there, maybe it is an area load problem. thanks :)

Also it would be great if someone could program in the spelling for simple words that we use such as hotkey, Hotkey's or even Wierd, or do we do that, if so could someone please tell me, thanks again. :)