View Full Version : Up the Junction - Shunting Video

09-14-2010, 08:31 AM
I have just uploaded the video I recorded of my second or third attempt at the Pick n Mix scenario from the shunting DLC. I am loving this add-on and since there seems to be a lot of people interested but unsure, I figured I'd post a sample vid.


I made a few errors (wheel slip and a bash on a wagon), but fairly clean otherwise. If anyone actually watches it all, you'll also notice the bug at the end causing me to not register my score. :(

You might notice my specific Rail driving style. I only use the in-cab and head-out-window views to maintain immersion. I always play some oldies radio stream in the background as my cab radio. I try to have as little additional info on the screen, but I find I have to use the throttle indicator bar because the throttle lever on the RD unit isn't exactly surgically precise and accidentally going over 25% throttle too early almost always causes wheel slip in the shunters.