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City Builder
09-17-2010, 04:25 PM
Okay, Ive finally figured it out.

The validation of the KBAP (Armored Princess) is breaking KBCR(Crossworlds) and visa versa.

So.... Do this...

1. Validate KBAP
2. Turn off auto updates for KBAP
3. Validate KBCR
4. Turn off auto updates for KBCR

In this way you will then be playing the most current version of Crossworlds, at least until a patch is produced to fix some of the bugs in the game at which time you'll either have to manually update or turn back on auto update for Crossworlds.

If you leave both KBAP and KBCR set to auto update they will go into an infinite loop of updating each other, my belief is that happens becuase they are using the same installation folders, and steams client is having issues with this perhaps.

What ever the cause, I know that I can now play Crossworlds by making sure that KBAP doesn't auto update and break Crossworlds again when it auto updates or revalidates itself like it was doing this afternoon, and thus driving me crazy trying to figure out if I was really playing KBCR or just AP.

Hope that helps somebody down the road.

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09-17-2010, 07:09 PM
Thanks for this, I noticed when I checked auto-updates back on it immediately started downloading some more files which I assume is an extension of what your post is about. Im in the process of trying a clean install of AP and Crossworlds - I am deleting the game and the directory, rebooting steam and then going to try to download Crossworlds first which will in turn download AP hopefully correctly.

I will report on my results if they yield anything interesting..

edit: reinstalling from scratch currently does not change or solve the problem, best current solution is to disable auto updating.