View Full Version : Courupted saves

09-22-2010, 06:32 PM
what the hell this is like the Third time in a row. Every Time i start this game it will not load my saved game. Its loaded one time sense i bought it. First time i played it i was really anoyed of the 10min intro and explination of every damn menu. Once was fine but every time you restart the game i have to sit there and watch all of it all over again. My carrer is gone was on the 5th race in a 7 seasion carrer. now i have to start over every time i want to even play it.

Does anybody know of a fix cause this is the only game i have evrer had do this. Dirt 2 didnt even do this to me. realy need a fix for this.

Window 7 64bit Ultimate eddition
Core i7
ATI 5870