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09-22-2010, 08:12 PM
Looks like a Steam Cloud bug.

When I was playing on my laptop this afternoon, I was here (link to my stats page) (http://steamcommunity.com/id/whitedemoman/stats/EverydayGenius:SquareLogic?tab=achievements). Logged in on my main machine this evening... and came up as Beginner, no achievements, no puzzles completed. All I've done: gone.

I did see the Sync text flash up on the Steam client after the splash screen ("preparing puzzles") showed up. So I guess it used the unsynced and empty storage area... and then stored that back to Steam when I quit.

Am I dead in the water now? The laptop has not been logged back into Steam yet and so won't have synced up to the cloud since the cloud was zeroed...

09-23-2010, 09:25 AM
(This is Ken from TrueThought--the creators of SquareLogic. This is a long post with instructions on how to restore your missing progress.)

You are not dead in the water. This is the 4th or 5th time that we've had a player run into this. The problem appears to be exactly as you have described--that you switch machines and the second machine doesn't pull down the saved game data from cloud (or something goes wrong). The code asks for the profile data, there isn't any, and thus you lose your progress.

However, there are some things we can do, and for each of the other players that have been affected we've gotten them back to where they were without too much trouble.

Fortunately, in your case, you may not have lost your progress on the laptop. That's great! You might be able to just fix this yourself. However, if that doesn't work, the fallback will be to send your data to us (squarelogic at truethought.com) and we'll rebuild it from the stats you have online. That takes a little while, but we can put it all back together.

I'm going to outline the steps to try to have you repair this on your laptop. We're hoping that the laptop hasn't pulled down the now-empty saved game data. I do not know the exact timing or algorithm Steam's Cloud service uses, so it is possible that it did this in the background. But let's hope not.

Steps to fix the problem on your laptop:

1) Locate your Steam userdata folder. This is typically in C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata. It will be the userdata folder wherever you have Steam installed.

2) Determine if you have 1 or more accounts. In userdata is a folder for each Steam account that has logged in on this machine. Each directory name corresponds to the account number for that user (like 23904234). It is very difficult to determine what your account number is, so if there is more than 1 directory, it can be difficult to tell which one is yours. You'll have to do the next steps for all accounts. If you're the only user, there will be a single directory.

3) Go into the account directory, and locate the 32150 folder within it. 32150 is the Game ID for Everyday Genius: SquareLogic. If the account doesn't have this folder, then that account hasn't played SquareLogic.

4) Go into the remote folder. This is where the Cloud data is stored before it is sent to the Cloud service, or after it has been pulled down by the Cloud service.

5) Copy the steamuser.playerprofile file to some other spot on your hard drive for safekeeping (you can even drag it to your desktop). Don't worry too much about the size of the file. We did a lot of work to try to compress it as much as possible, so even if it is tiny, you still might have solved 17,746 puzzles. Remember this directory.

Note: If you had multiple accounts that all had a 32150 folder, you could also check the timestamps on the steamuser.playerprofile file of each of them to determine which account is most-likely yours. If you're still not sure, you can copy them all off.

6) Run the Steam program (log in as normal - this may be automatic), but do not run the SquareLogic game itself.

7) Under the "Steam" menu item (the very top-left-most menu item), choose "Go Offline". Confirm by selecting "Restart in offline mode".

8) After Steam restarts in offline mode, choose "Exit" from the same "Steam" menu to shut down Steam completely.

9) Copy your saved steamuser.playerprofile back to the directory where you got it from. (Probably C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\<your account number>\32150\remote\steamuser.playerprofile.) This ensures that we have what we hope is the right data. It may have already been overwritten, but this is the safest approach.

10) Run Steam again. If it asks you to "Go Online" or "Start in Offline Mode", choose "Start in Offline Mode". This is critical, you must stay in Offline Mode for this to work.

11) Run SquareLogic. Hopefully you see your progress. Start 1 additional puzzle (make at least 1 move). (If you don't see your progress, don't despair, we can fix it the hard way by having us reconstruct it--see above.)

12: Quit SquareLogic. This will write out your saved game data with a new timestamp so that Steam's Cloud service thinks it is more important than what's up on Cloud.

13) Go to your Steam window and select "Go Online" from the "Steam" menu item at the top-left.

14) Run SquareLogic - everything should now be fine!

Please let us know if that fixes it. If it does, great. If it doesn't, then just send us that steamuser.playerprofile file and we'll work with you to rebuild it. Takes us a little bit of time but we can usually resolve it in a matter of a few days.

To the community: Has anyone else had or heard of Cloud issues like this? To the best of our knowledge we're following the steps correctly in the code.


09-23-2010, 01:34 PM
That fixed it. Key to the solution was that I had never logged in to Steam, only the forums, on the laptop once it happened, and I do log out of Steam explicitly when I shut the laptop down. So my steamuser.playerprofile file on the laptop was still intact. Steam will sometimes -- not always -- autosync those files on login, or when I first visit the Library page, so I could have lost that file when I logged in. It didn't this time, though I have seen it do so in the past, and I had the copy on my desktop as well.

Key to the problem may be that same odd update schedule. A game title on the Library page goes yellow when it's updating, which includes Cloud updates, and normally I see that happen when I hit Play and before the splash screen comes up, if I don't see it when I first enter the Library. As I mentioned, this time the splash screen came up before the game title turned yellow. I suspect the Steam client gave you the go-ahead before it actually started downloading the Cloud update, possibly because it thought the update had happened when I first hit the Library. You would have gotten confused because Steam would have locked the profile for writing; when you couldn't open it, you would naturally assume it wasn't there.

So I suspect you're doing everything right. The only thing I could see as a form of defensive programming is, in the case that you find the profile won't open, if it's there, you could query Steam as to whether it is now updating that file...

And I'm not sure I'd call 245k "tiny". I'm an old programmer, and I can still easily remember being thrilled at a 10Mb per hour data transfer rate...

09-23-2010, 01:50 PM
That's great news. And a great response. You clearly know a lot (more than I) about the Cloud updating. That's excellent information.

I'll have to dig deeper to see if there's something more that we can do per your suggestions. I haven't looked at that code in a year or so. Maybe we can detect it.

I agree 245k isn't tiny :-) And I remember those days too.

Thanks for the suggestions on Cloud and I'm glad you got it working again. I'll post on here if we find a better safety check and patch the game.


09-23-2010, 02:44 PM
One further note: having played about 5 puzzles and quit the game, I find that the Steam client is stuck on "Syncing..." I can re-enter from the laptop without problems, but it appears that the Steam Cloud is suffering from indigestion, and suspect it would not be safe to try playing from the desktop.

09-23-2010, 08:08 PM
Okay... the cloud is now totally confused.

When I shut the laptop down at the end of my last session, it went to "Syncing" and stayed yellow. I had to turn it off as Steam stayed alive, with a small, title-less, content-less black window in the middle of my screen and the "connecting" marker in my system tray, even after I logged out of the client.

When I tried to connect on my desktop, it came up with zero progress. When I quit, it went to "Syncing..." and is also now sitting there doing nothing.

I have to guess that there is a sequence number in the Steam Cloud data, and it is confused because there are two machines with the same sequence number, or with sequence numbers that it does not know how to reconcile.

How shall I continue?

REVISION: The laptop now seems to be all right. Having saved my progress outside the cloud, I then reconnected. When I went to start up the game, it warned me that local data and Cloud data were in conflict; I told it to use my local data. It then did nothing... but I later started it p again and it started from where I left off yesterday.

We're not 100% out of the woods yet; I don't yet know if the desktop works. But this is, at least, promising.

REVISED REVISION: When I logged into the desktop this evening, it suddenly woke up, synced, and now has all my progress. So we are definitely good. Thank you for your patience.

One thing that has occurred to me: a contributing factor may be that my Steam client on the desktop was up for several days, periodically being logged out as I connected through the laptop and then logged in again.