View Full Version : Translating issues at library

09-27-2010, 07:35 AM
I don't know if other languages have the same problem but for me playing in german the library browsing file has been translated bad. I mean you have to look at Desasters which is translated as Unglück but you won't find that file under U but under D. So I had to switch to classic mode to see where I really had to look. And I can't remember there was that issue when I played the original back then. Was the special edition a new translation for everything except english?
And as a side note, when talking to Elaine at her party, I noticed that mail was translated to e-mail in german, which doesn't make sense at all if you consider when the game was made. That also made me think of if the translation was made new, cause I can't remember that sentence like that back then.