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09-27-2010, 10:37 PM
This post is to convey a little feedback, notification of a bug or two, and a couple of suggestions for new gameplay elements.


Obviously, things like online multiplayer would be nice, as would a refined, more intuitive interface, but these things have been brought up enough already.

The tile placement system does need to be fundamentally reworked though: instead of the way it currently works, which is very clunky and has far too many unnecessary steps, players should be able to simply select the space where they want to dig, then choose from the appropriate tunnel shape tiles that are presented to them based on the layer in which they will be digging (dirt/stone/deep).



I made and played a custom map yesterday to test it, choosing two player teams, setting the game to ten turns and simply skipping every turn, but not only did I not get the custom map achievement, I got the “The Good Stuff” achievement (for mining only mithril) and the “Opportunist” achievement (for winning the match without mining anything). The fact that the match was a draw, and neither team did anything at all for the entire game, rather indicates a bug here.




New tile effect: OBSTACLES

These new tile effects may be in place on the map before the game starts, and may also be revealed in newly-dug passages. There can only be one obstacle per tile.

BOOBY TRAPS: Scouts can remove these during their own turn without penalty simply by moving on to or through the tile, but Fighters and Miners need to end their turn on this tile in order to clear the obstruction and pass through the tile.

ROCKSLIDE: Miners can remove these during their own turn without penalty simply by moving on to or through the tile, but Fighters and Scouts need to end their turn on this tile in order to clear the obstruction and pass through the tile.

GIANT SPIDERWEB: Fighters can remove these during their own turn without penalty simply by moving on to or through the tile, but Miners and Scouts need to end their turn on this tile in order to clear the obstruction and pass through the tile. Spiderwebs also have a further gameplay element, as described below.


New creature: GIANT SPIDERS

There are two types of spiders: normal and Queen/Black Widow. Spiders will only spawn in stone or deep layers, never in dirt. Normal spiders spawn more frequently on spiderweb obstacles than they do on normal tunnel tiles.

NORMAL SPIDERS: These creatures are low/medium-strength, but will not engage dwarves until there are more spiders in a group than there are dwarves (example: a pair of spiders will prefer to pursue a lone dwarf three tiles away, even if a pair of dwarves are one tile away). Spiders will actively flee from bigger groups of dwarves towards other spiders until their numbers are high enough to fight back; this makes it possible to “herd” spiders towards dwarves on other teams.

Example description: “An arachnophobe’s nightmare, these spindly critters are roughly the size of a Great Dane, but nowhere near as friendly. Don’t be fooled by their skittish nature; their bite is definitely worse than their bark – mostly because they don’t bark.

Because they’re giant freaking spiders.”

QUEEN SPIDER / BLACK WIDOW: These are spawned on or within two tiles of spiderweb obstacles (whether present in initial setup or discovered through play), but will not spawn in lantern-lit tiles as per normal spawn rules.

There is one Queen spider spawned per giant spiderweb; they do not respawn; they do not move; and they are invisible until a dwarf (or perhaps even goblin) ends their turn in the tile with the Queen, at which point they will attack. Queen spiders are very strong, and quite easily a match for a single dwarf, so players travelling near webs should not do so alone. This also raises the risk for scouts and miners if they intend to end their turn trying to clear a web.

Example description: “In the cold, dark depths, she dwells. From the shadows, silent strands extend to enfold, enwrap. The black widow waits in darkness, patient, sensing her warm-blooded prey approach. Gray skin, green skin, pink skin; all is meat, all is juicy.”


New items: Each dwarf can carry one type of extra item. These items can be found in chests during the game and/or perhaps bought from the oogler.

BOMBS: There are two types of bomb, small and large. Small bombs do moderate damage to every enemy in combat (more to monsters and less to enemy players). Large bombs do significant damage to every enemy, but also damage every player-controlled dwarf in the current combat.

POTIONS: A health potion restores 50% of a dwarf’s health when they drink it.


New gameplay mode: FLOOD!

If you’re going to delve deeper, you had better delve deeper faster! After a reasonable number of rounds, the cavern system starts flooding, filling with water from the bottom row up, with the water rising one level every 1-2 rounds depending on balancing. A more complex version of this mode would have the water fill the map depending on the layout of the tunnels themselves, making initial planning important.

The idea then is to head down as fast as possible for the best treasures before they become blocked off, and work back up, rather than the other way around.

Monsters caught in the floodwater drown, while dwarves that get caught in the floodwater lose all treasures held, are reduced to 1HP, and regain consciousness one level above the waterline when they float to the surface and are back in play.


New gameplay mode: RPG

In this mode, the dwarves earn experience and level up through mining, combat, and returning/selling treasures, which increases their HP and affects the amount of damage they deal and receive. They also get an inventory with a small number of item slots; there are new item relics for the dwarves that they can choose to either equip or sell, but not both.

Examples of new items for the RPG mode:

Beerfoot’s Boots of Speed: Increases a dwarf’s maximum movement by 1. “Finish this job, then off to the pub!”

Goldtooth’s Bag of Moar: Increases the number of treasures a dwarf can carry by 1. “MOAR!”

Steelpick’s Steel Pick: Increases the amount a miner can mine in a turn by 1. “The Pick of Destiny. Or steel. Whatever.”

Choppy MacChopperson’s Chopper: Increases the base damage a fighter does by 10. “It chops, chops, and chops. Also chops. Did we mention the chopping?”

Stoutface’s Tavern Door: Reduces the damage a fighter takes by 10. “Use in case of emergency.”

Quicksilver’s Dual Crossbows: Lets a scout fire twice each round, potentially attacking two different enemies, but each shot does slightly less damage than normal. “Note: White doves sold separately.”


So, just a few ideas thrown down for a game that is already off to a good start. ^_^