View Full Version : @exosyphen - Plans for Multiplayer?

09-28-2010, 05:11 AM
Hey exosyphen... Do you have plans to create some sort of multiplayer version of this game? MMORPG style fun would be epic...

Alot of work to be sure, but you could make 2 classes, white hat and black hat... The white hats get to defend a network and the black hats try to compromise them...

Each corporate group can have both white hats and black hats, with the black hats in charge of stealing trade secrets to advance the corporation... :) There could also be rogue black hats that just go around messing stuff up!!!

Something like Science and Industry (http://si.hlgaming.com/), only Hacker Evolution style?

09-28-2010, 08:00 AM
We are planning that.
The next game we are working on, will feature AI controlled opponents.
From there to multiplayer, it's just a small step.

09-29-2010, 05:20 AM
NICE, thanks for the reply!