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10-05-2010, 02:28 AM
Ive been Playing R:TW again after some time. But this time, i desided to take the game slowly and really think out every single move on the campaign map and take several minutes to think of an attack plan before i even start battles.

After playing in this way for a wile, Ive developed my own strategies and learned about and implimtented other game and real life, roman (sence im playing the julii), battle strategies to my gameplay with mostly successful results that i would have normaly never noticed on my previouse playthroughs.

That gave me the idea to create this thread, were all of us players who are looking for new combat strategies and battle formationsd to come to learn a thing or two or donate your share of strategic experiance to our community of armchair generals. Also, provide feedback on eachothers ideas. Were and how to improve strategies and formations and potential flaws you may see in them.

So, What are some of your battle strategies or formations you find the most effecitive in situations, your favorite faction to use, and the units used in the strategy/formation.

Also, dont forget to give a name for the strategy/formation you donate, State what faction you are using, the unit count and unit types, and the situation best needed for the strategy to be the most effective. I'll use this thread post as a referance.

Here is a strategy and unit formation system i sometimes use when taking a settlement.

Strategy Type: settlement capture strategy.

Srategy name: Chaos of Unity.

Faction Used: Roman (julii)

One strategy i developed, (and im sure most of yall have developed similar and equaly effective strategies), is a means of taking towns with very limmited casualtys on my part. Its very effective and ive taken many towns with evenly matched army sizes, and several times loosing less than 10 of my own troops and completely wipeing the enemy.

The Unit Count given below is for being up against smaller forces. against larger forces, try to double the numbers given.

The strategy requires, 4 light infantry units, 2 missle infantry units, 2 Heavy infantry units, and 2 cavalry (heavy or light)

Before you end the opening deployment phase, put 2 light infantry and 1 missle unit into one group. (This will be group 1). Then do the same with the other 2 light infantry and missle units. (this will be group 2). Next, Put your 2 Heavy Infantry units into another group. (group 3). Finaly, put your cavalry units into a group of their own. (group 4).

Now, begin the battle. Quickly look were your enemy is positioned
and make a mental note of the roads in the settlement. (especialy the roads right by the intended breaching hole.)

Now, move your forces and seige equipment up to position like normal. Once your seige equipment reaches the enemy gates and you are waiting for them to pound throguh, put groups 1 and 2 to the left of your seige equitment faceing the wall. then put group 3 to the right of your seige equitment in a tight, column formation, faceing diaginal from the wall, pointing towards the gate walls. Then, put group 4 a little ways behind the seige equipment as to not obstruct entry once the gate is destroyed.

Now, once the gate goes down, have group 3 in guarde mode and rush any enemys standing behind the breach to overwhelm them and make them route. Now, remember the roads you noted? Usualy, on the inside of the breach, you will have one road going left, and one going right. Wile group 3 is attacking the enemys guarding the breach, order groups 1 and 2 to take up defensive positons on each road, (one group per direction). I recomend using a 2 line formation with your two light infantry in front and your missle unit in back for both groups 1 and 2.

Once groups 1 and 2 are in position, group 3 should have ither killed or routed the enemy units defending the inside of the breach. If they have routed the enemy, use group 3 (heavy infantry) to agressively keep the routed units at bay or prevent enemy reinforcements from backing up the inside of the breach. If group 3 (heavy infantry) have killed off the enemy defences on the inside of the breach, (or routed them, but the enemy units no longer have threatening numbers), disband group 3 and add 1 heavy infantry unit on group 1 and the other heavy infantry to group 2. Have these units added to the same formation that groups 1 and 2 are already placed in with the heavy infantry units between the 2 light infantry units of each group.

now march group 1 and group 2 in opposite directions down the road untill you come to the roads that lead from the roads leading around the inside of the settlement wall, into the settlement center. As they are marching, take group 4 and fast march them in ither direction down the road, and have them take up a position on a road that leads into the center of the town, on the opposite side of the settlement that your forces occupy. (this will provide a mop up crew for routeing enemys once you attack the center of the town, or a great cavalry charge support if the town center battle is having trouble.

Once your cavalry is about half way into position, groups 1 and 2 should have by now reached the mouths to the inner roads, leading into the town center. Keep them in the same formation as you march them down the inner roads to the town center. (remember to keep the defencive lines of groups 1 and 2 [the light, and heavy infantry melee] in guarde mode).

once groups 1 and 2 have reached the center of town, group 4 (cavalry) should be reaching there position. Now, the enemy has 2 large and versitile groups on both sides of them and a cavalry threat behind them. They are surounded.

close in on the center with groups 1 and 2, with your missle troops putting preasure on them and your light and heavy melee closing in on them in defencive mode.

In this situation, its very hard to loose. if groups 1 and 2 dont take them, your cavalry charge from behind will surely be enough to break there spirit. if groups 1 and 2 can route the enemy, quickly charge them down with the cavalry to mop them up.

If all is done flawlessly, you can come out with less than 10 men lost. ive done it before.

comments and feedback please?

10-08-2010, 06:03 PM
Your strategy reminds me of a Chinese chess like game called Go (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_%28game%29).
I only really played the campaign and didn't do much with the actual battles. But when I did I used something similar to this.
Most of the time I just used overwhelming odds to win. The one time I did play online my enemy used an army of peasants. It was quite funny to see about 1000 or more troops running down a hill and seeing my spear men and have their moral break before they even got to me. The only group that made it through was the generals and that lasted only 5 seconds before he died.