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10-15-2010, 12:03 PM
Anyone else notice in Civ 5, the AI are a bit touchy about amassing units on their borders? It's annoying when I'm planning on attack on their neighbour and they think I'm planning to attack them. Sometimes the acusation makes me feal like changing my target. ;)

Is there a minimum number of tiles away you can keep units from a Civ's borders so they don't act so suspicious?

Actually, on a related note, when you have a city near them... they get annoyed when you purchase new tiles next to them, but they also seem to get annoyed when the borders automatically expand next to them too, I didn't choose that! Don't make me culture bomb your a$$! :p

10-15-2010, 12:21 PM
There are many, many things the AI does that is idiotic and/or implausible. The things you have mentioned are, however, examples of it behaving as one might expect.

If someone started amassing their forces on your border wouldn't you start preparing for an attack? You'd also start getting a bit hacked off if another civ's borders started creeping closer to yours, blocking your expansion!

The main problem here is the useless AI settling every little speck of open land. I've had it settle a city between two of mine where it could never expand and had access to no resources.

10-15-2010, 01:17 PM
You take a massive relations hit if you declare war after claiming you weren't going to. A massive hit with all AI civilizations in the world, mind you. It gets silly since the even if you are simply protecting your own borders and am nowhere near the AI it will start accusing you of 'building up on their borders'. Worse, your 'word' seems to count for a silly amount of rounds, like 30 or more I believe. So, even if you weren't going to attack but change your mind and attack some 20 rounds later, the AI claims you broke your word and all hell breaks lose with every civilization hating you for it.

This is the main problem with the 'suspicious AI', really - and it's especially aggrevating since the AI itself feels in its good right to do the exact same thing to you and have all their troops at your doorstep.

The AI in Civ5 is ultra poor. I recommend playing online.

10-15-2010, 02:46 PM
In my first game I was playing the Babylonian empire going for a science victory. Germany was apparently going for the domination victory and had already taken over the Chinese in Africa, and the Siamese in Europe (weird right) and was passing through my borders with all his troops to conquer the Russians, who were in India. Naturally this was worrisome even though he was friendly to me. So when I was assembling the shuttle in my capital, I figured it would be a good idea to surround it with mechanized infantry. After I had done that I got a message from Bismark who said he was worried about me massing an army near his borders. What the heck is he worried about? He's massing an army INSIDE my borders, and he's worried that I'm protecting my capital?! That's just crazy, I was half hoping he would declare war on me so I could crush his puny musketmen and his high-tech (for him) riflemen.