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10-20-2010, 07:34 PM
I'll get right into it. (Btw all the classes names are just guesses)

Keep in mind, this is if the entire team plays as this one class.

Heavy: Able to destroy turrets with just a minigun, can (probably) equip a rocket launcher making tanks ineffective. Can hide indoors disallowing snipers to get clear shots and can spray the room clearing invisables. Propotionally more heavies then enemy, making enemy heavy counters useless.

Sniper: Can cloak, allowing them to decimate an entire ground force with ease and bypass vehicule and turret hazards. Will have more snipers then enemy team making sniper counters pointless. Also, heavies will probably not be able to hit long range and can not move fast making them utterly useless.

Standard Infantry: Jack of all trades, they (i assume) have grenades, assualt rifles (good with overall any distance) making it hard to to generally kill a full team of these, since they can effictivly strafe sniper shots while able to dart to indoors to avoid tanks/heavies.

Also, since the commander will probaby not sit there twiddling his thumbs, he would probably just support his team with arty fire making general ground pushs worthless.

Is there any work around planned for these events.

PS: A soultion for this should generally not cost more then nothing since i assume player spawning cost nothing. Also keep in mind that the team can at any point, switch classes, making permenant defences pointless.

10-20-2010, 10:04 PM
You are creating a problem that is inherently flawed. You are making assumptions of how the class always works (the trailer is setup to look good, not to show exact class abilities) and what kind of damage they can deal.

Secondly, I'm pretty sure that Interwave understand that there is this thing called balance. I'm sure they are working on it constantly and won't release a game where one side can just rush every game. There are far more mechanics and strategy to the game besides the shooting you saw in a couple minute trailer.

Thirdly, the commander has a much more in depth role than just twiddling his thumbs and dropping arty. It's not BF2. The commander has a full RTS macro role.

Fourthly, your assumptions you said every class is unstoppable when rushing as an entire team of the same class. EVEN IF we just removed ALL the aspects of the map, strategy and commander, should that matter? That's the point; its rock paper scissors. If you put class A vs class B 50 metres apart and start firing, one class is ALWAYS going to win. Even in Vanilla TF2 (one of the most balanced games to date) a team of class A will beat a team of class B if they stood at a distance and shot. It's where STRATEGY comes into play. Every single game ever made would be completely the same before strategy and just general reactions of the player come in. It's pretty basic logic. Unless its like, vanilla Shattered Horizon where there are no classes and only one gun.

10-21-2010, 01:21 AM
You are, as EnterHavoc suggests, making too many assumptions based on not enough information. The information you require to make a more informed decision on the role of the commander at least can be found on our website's blog section, for example:


The classes themselves are somewhat more complex than what you see in the trailer, and a few bits of previously unreleased info that can help you have a better idea of the game's gameplay dynamics are:

- the Stealth's cloak has a limited charge and duration that require a cooldown time to regenerate
- Exos (the Heavy) carry siege-class weapons, which make them slow and vulnerable to lighter classes such as the Stealth or Assault, without some kind of mobile backup
- a Chaingun will not easily mow down a turret. That was just narrative necessity, since at the time of the trailer, the final art for all anti-armour weapons was not in (aka we only had pink rocket launchers with temporary Hello Kitty stencils on them)
- the trailer features complete in-game footage that is meant to illustrate the gameplay interactions that Nuclear Dawn produces, and is not in any way a gameplay trailer to be taken to the letter