View Full Version : Steam Cloud Synchronisation issues

11-13-2010, 07:37 AM
I've been having odd issues with regards to Steam sync. More specifically, for about a week now Dawn of War II failed to sync to the cloud. This isn't a big deal as I don't use sync for DoWII.

However, I noticed my computer had been constantly downloading for the last few days, piling up about 1GB bandwidth usage per day from my ISP. Since I hadn't been downloading any such thing, I looked around and realised Steam was constantly "synchronizing" in the tray icon. Looking through my installed games, none of them read as synchronising. Since syncs don't show up in the downloads tab either, there's no telling what exactly is doing this.

Either way, I've disabled Steam Cloud altogether for now, and the mysterious downstream bandwidth stopped. But do use cloud sync with other games, so this isn't a very good compromise. Has anyone figured out a way to troubleshoot Steam Cloud issues like this?

11-13-2010, 07:43 AM
Try the newest beta (Steam -> Settings -> account tab).


It fixes some issues with infinite cloud syncing. You can always opt out of the beta if it doesn't fix your issues, or causes other problems.

11-13-2010, 07:56 AM
Aw, I had my hopes up for a second there but no dice. I updated to the Beta version, then reactivated Cloud sync and let it lie there for a few minutes now. Still "synchronizing", even if I disable sync for the only symptomatic game, DoWII.

I guess I'll file a ticket, surely they'll want to avoid syncing 7+GBs (!) worth of data to other users who might run into this issue as well.