View Full Version : Strange SATA Hard Drive Fluctuations

11-20-2010, 05:19 PM
I just installed (clean install) Windows 7 64-Bit onto my Seagate SATA HDD. Everything works smoothly, but when I transfer files onto the computer or when the computer is loading up the free space fluctuates from 15GB-915GB (full 1TB hdd).

I completed diagnostics on the RAM and everything is OK. HDD drive was clean erased with 0s and formatted after creating a clean partition. The bitlocker 100MB was never created because of the partition creation before install.

So, any ideas on why that's happening? Like after I close the My Computer window and reopen it, the HDD starts to go back to normal, but the huge fluctuations seems worrisome. Btw, SATA II Cable is in use.